Without a doubt, a superhero weekend is opening before us. On the one hand, the video game ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ which already has the strange record of downloads to its credit. On the other, the first with three great episodes from the second season of “The Boys”. And that’s just for today. We bring a good amount of plans of all kinds to get through the weekend.

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Cinema and television: Xataka’s recommendations

‘The boys’

The anti-superhero satire based on the brutal comic book scripted by Garth Ennis is back. The fight between anti-heroes who have nothing to lose and a Justice League of the undesirable protected by law promises to be bloodier and crazier than ever. This weekend kicks off the second season, and we can see if, as they promise, they take it further in terms of impact, revulsion, ultraviolence, and grotesque humor.

  • September 4 on Amazon Prime Video

‘Pacific Rim’


An authentic Concept festival: giant robots against devastating kaiju. Whoever wins, humanity loses. Although humanity goes with the robots, metallic colossi built to wipe out an army of godzillas in this loud and over the top fantasy directed by Guillermo del Toro, the important thing is the spectacle: tollinas like cathedrals and an emotional drama of the house. for a film that is almost a declaration of intent.

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  • September 4 on Amazon Prime Video

Other premieres in theaters and streaming


  • «Antebellum» (2/09)
  • ‘100% wolf: small large wolf’ (2/09)
  • “Despues de. In a thousand pieces’ (4/09)
  • ‘The Girls’ (4/09)
  • “An original agreement” (4/09)
  • “I was at home, but…” (4/09)
  • ‘Tremors’ (4/09)
  • “An imagined land” (4/09)
  • ‘The Captain’s Word’ (4/09)

Movistar +

  • ‘Apple Tree Yard’ (4/09)
  • «Malasaña 32» (4/09)
  • ‘SKAM Spain’ S4 (6/09, Thursday previews)


  • “Bad Boy Billionaires: Indeed” (1/09)
  • “Felipe Esparza – Bad decisions” (1/09)
  • ‘True: Friendship Day’ (1/09)
  • ‘Beyblade Bust Turbo’ (1/09)
  • ‘The story corner’ (1/09)
  • ‘Les Kardashians’ S1-2 (1/09)
  • ‘Steins; Door ‘(1/09)
  • ‘Top Chef USA’ S1-2 (1/09)
  • ‘Archer’ S10 (1/09)
  • ‘Borgen’, complete series (1/09)
  • «9» (1/09)
  • «Obaba» (1/09)
  • ‘Vera: Friendship Day’ (1/09)
  • ‘The Honor List’ (1/09)
  • ‘Green paper’ (1/09)
  • “A decisive match” (1/09)
  • ‘Dudley of the Mountain’ (1/09)
The Last of Us Part II: Combat, Exploration, Armament and more details revealed in eight minute gameplay


  • ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Death’ (1/09)
  • ‘From your window to mine’ (1/09)
  • “Broken silence” (1/09)
  • ‘The house of 1000 corpses’ (1/09)
  • “Double betrayal” (1/09)
  • “Boss Baby: Catch the baby!” (1/09)
  • ‘Don’t be afraid’ (1/09)
  • ‘The Arrival’ (1/09)
  • “A madman at home” (1/09)
  • ‘The Curse of Chucky’ (1/09)
  • “Welcome to yesterday” (1/09)
  • ‘Freaks – 3 superheroes’ (2/09)
  • ‘Chef’s table: Barbecue’ (3/09)
  • “Afonso Padilha: Pauvre âme” (3/09)
  • ‘Guaranteed love’ (3/09)
  • ‘Young Wallander’ (3/09)
  • “Was it love?” (3/09)
  • ‘Spirit: Riding Free’ S2 (4/09)
  • ‘Outside’ (4/09)
  • “I’m thinking of quitting smoking” (4/09)
  • ‘Spirit – Riding School’ Part 2 (4/09)
  • ‘Plan in Las Vegas’ (4/09)
  • ‘Instant family’ (5/09)
  • ‘Undercover’ S2 (6/09)
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Amazon Prime Video

  • ‘Call the midwife!’ T1-5 (01/09)
  • ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ S1-7 (09/01)
  • ‘The Americans’ S1-6 (01/09)
  • ‘The Secret Life of Words’ (09/01)
  • ‘The Boys’ S2 (4/09)
  • ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ (5/09)

Stargate Gate to the Stars 1994

The movie

Disney +

Video games: Xataka’s recommendations

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ – PC, PS4, XOne


Faced with critics for all tastes, Square Enix’s bet to turn the MCU around the Avengers into a service that, for now, only announced that it will provide additional heroes, many of which are exclusive to certain platforms. What we have, in any case, is a great product for the fans, not very elaborate on the playable but worth the detour for its large number of goodies and extras aimed at the devout marvelita.

PlayStation Plus turns 10 and PlayStation celebrates with three games and a free theme

  • Release September 4

‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2’ – PC, PS4, XOne


A true classic of the first Playstation which, although worn out by the inevitable exhaustion derived from infinite suites, has achieved with its first opus an indisputable milestone: the invention and popularization of a game mechanic at the precise moment when the skateboard takes over between console users. Feverish beat and perfect soundtrack complete the formidable combo Activision brings us back in a must-have game for the nostalgic.

  • Release September 4

Other video game releases

  • ‘Iron Harvest’ – PC, PS4, XOne (1/09)
  • ‘Crusader Kings III’ – PC (1/09)
  • ‘Ary and the Secret of the Seasons’ – XOne, PS4, Switch (1/09)
  • ‘MX vs ATV All Out’ – PC, PS4, XOne (1/09)
  • ‘Super Bomberman R Online’ – Stadia (1/09)
  • ‘Spellbreak’ – PC, PS4, XOne (3/09)
  • ‘WRC 9’ – PC, PS4, XOne (3/09)
  • ‘Spinch’ – PC, Switch (3/09)
  • ‘Doraemon: Story of Seasons’ – PC, PS4, Switch (4/09)
  • ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ – PC, PS4, XOne (1/09)
  • ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2’ – PC, PS4, XOne (1/09)
  • ‘NBA 2K21’ – PC, PS4, XOne, Switch, Stadia (1/09)
  • ‘Paradise Killer’ – PC, Switch (1/09)
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Books and comics: Xataka’s recommendations

‘Expirez’ – Ted Chiang


One of the main authors of modern science fiction (and, unfortunately, one of the least prolific), who has seen his popularity multiply thanks to Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of one of his stories, “The arrival ”, present in his previous book. This time come back with another selection of stories that mix – in their line – science, fantasy and metaphysics distilled into a clean and precise prose, and that it retains the same capacity to fascinate as when it was only an open secret within the fandom.

‘The Count of Champignac: Enigma’ – David Etien, Beka

Web Cover Le Comte de Champignac

Pacome Hegisepo Adelardo Ladislao, the ineffable Count of Champignac who appeared in the Adventures of Spirou, also had a youth. In this album, we are going, precisely, to 1938. It is in these young years that He will try to find the key that will allow him to decipher the Enigma machine which is in the possession of the Nazis. An adventure that will allow you to change the very course of the war that shook the world.

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Other comic book releases

Other book launches

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