See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved.

Live while I explain to my mother that I could not buy a gift because I had to write game news, the WeekendWacht reports! With some visual improvements for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, creepy Pokémon, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 gameplay and EYES THAT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO YOUR SOUL !!!

Final Fantasy VII Remake has changed a lot since 2017

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is alive and looking better than ever! No really, he really looks better than before. And I’m not talking about those graphics from the PSX game, but about the 2015 reveal footage. Just look how the designs of Cloud, Barret and the UI have changed.

See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved

And here’s another über analysis of the madmen at GameXplain

Pokémon Company found realistic designs from Lickitung and Mr. Mime not okay

Detective Pikachu is now in the cinema and doing well at the box office. The movie shouldn’t be terrible either, which is literally light years of progress from previous game adaptations. The Pokémon Company therefore kept a tight grip during the development process and had a consultant on the set daily, so that none of Ryan Reynolds’ jokes ended up in the final film.

See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved

A screenwriter of the film now tells Polygon that the Japanese had trouble with some Pokémon designs. For example, they wondered if anyone in the world was waiting for a realistic version of Mr. Mime. Visual effects supervisor Erik Nordby also struggled to get a Lickitung scene approved. Actor Justice Smith gets licked by the pink Pokémon, but on set, the Pokémon representative saw him getting hit in the face by a rubber object. They were therefore afraid that it would become too sexual! Think of that erased scene from Thor: Ragnarok, where Jeff Goldblum cuddles with rubber tentacles… um, hugging. (God how good that movie is!)

Realistic Pac-Man design gives you nightmares

Raf Grassetti, art director of the new God of War, regularly redesigned Smash Bros. characters and this time he made Pac-Man realistic. Well let’s see how that looks OH MY GOD !!!

See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved


New gameplay from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3


See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved

Janemba was leaked as the last Dragon Ball FighterZ skin

Is he gone? Is he gone ?! Man it was like he looked right into my soul and ate him …

Speaking of soul-eating stuff, new downloadable content has leaked for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The last DLC fighter for season 2 of the game was accidentally mentioned by Major Nelson, who was actually only allowed to announce Kid Goku. Janemba is a villain who appeared once in the movie Fusion Reborn, where he competed against Gogeta.

Gogeta and Broly from the last film also appear as DLC, but were announced earlier.

See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved

Samurai Geralt of Rivia is what the world needed

For 219 euros you can also order a statue of Geralt as a samurai. CD Projekt Red has published a video showing how the statue was made with the unveiling of the statue. Enjoy!

Detective Pikachu tidbits

Because the Guard can never contain enough stupid Pokémon facts!

Wassum again. Happy Mother’s Day, !

See how much the Final Fantasy VII Remake has improved