Masahiro Sakurai reveals that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s new character Sefirot will be released on December 23 … but there’s a challenge you can get it with today!

Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has presented in an extensive video the new DLC fighter of the game, Sefirot (and by the way, he has already returned to his office). The iconic Final Fantasy VII antagonist will join the roster on December 23. But you can have it before …

From the December 18 at 00:00, to December 23 at 02:00, you can participate in an event for a limited time, in which you can fight against Sefirot as the final boss. If you manage to defeat it, you can have it before launch (as long as you have previously purchased it, of course).

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It was at the gala of The Game Awards when the character was introduced in a spectacular CGI trailer that paid homage to a scene from the animated film FF VII Advent Children. Sakurai himself jokes about the matter in the presentation: “We have gone from talking about Minecraft to talking about FF VII Advent Children. Boredom is impossible in this job. “

Here you can watch the lengthy 35-minute video, in which Sakurai goes deep into all the character’s attacks and attributes. One of its most distinguished characteristics is that it becomes an angel version of a wing when it takes a lot of damage, so it becomes stronger.

His physical attacks have a much greater range than most characters, thanks to his masamune sword. Its special neutral (button B) has several appearances. His side special is Spectral Glare, his up special is Cut and Octacort, and the down special is Centella (a counterattack).

The final smash is Supernova, in which he invokes the Meteorite. By the way, Cloud’s final Smash also changes when he’s using one of the Advent Children-based skins (the pairs).

The new map is Cueva del Norte, a location from the end of the original game, although it has some elements from Dissidia Final Fantasy. The animations in the background “tell a story”, which basically guts the end of the game.

Besides Sefirot, Tifa, Aeris and Barret join Smash Bros … as Mii suits, sold separately. Also on sale are a chocobo hat, and another skin of Geno, the character from Super Mario RPG (and who already appeared in Smash on Wii U as a Mii suit).

Regarding the music, 9 new songs are added, with 4 remixes (to which we add the 2 from FF VII that already existed. Sakurai explains that it is complicated by the issue of rights, since sometimes several companies have the same rights, and rights change in some countries …