Sega has announced at the Fes 2018 event held in Tokyo that this year it will launch the Mega Drive Mini.

Following in the footsteps of Nintendo with the successful NES Mini and SNES Mini, it is a miniature replica of the mythical 16-bit console, which will include a selection of games in its internal memory and a remote that will imitate the original.

We have not been able to see yet, however, neither that remote nor the list with the included games. Sega, in fact, has been quite brief when it comes to giving information, and has only confirmed that the miniconsole will be launched in Japan and that it will do so throughout this year.

This raises a number of questions. The first, obviously, is whether this scale reproduction will reach our territory or will it remain exclusive for the Japanese market. The second, and perhaps more important, is whether it is a totally internal development or if it is simply a version for Japan of the Mega Drive Flashback manufactured (under license from Sega) by the Chinese company AtGames, which honestly leaves a lot to be desired. in various aspects.

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