A polygonal ‘Golden Ax’ or a forceful rehash of ‘Yakuza’ and ‘Streets of Rage’ are some of Sega’s proposals to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary. For a very limited period of time, the mythical (literally sixty-year-old!) Company makes some revamped versions of its classics available to players. Of course, you have to take advantage of a narrow window to get them: most of them, between the 16th and Sunday.

The most attractive of the proposals is ‘Streets of Kamurocho’, that is to say, a fusion between ‘Streets of Rage’ and ‘Yakuza’. Two of the most recognizable characters from this latest game, Kiryu and Majima, smash their way through the title district in a 2D rendition of their outlaw adventures. If you are more of shootings, you have an unavoidable appointment in another traditional fritanga: ‘Endless Zone’, which was born from the union of the setting of the games of the ‘Endless’ saga by Amplitude Studios with the Sega classic ‘Fantasy Zone’ . The result is a ship shooter in which a stolen escape pod has to flee from the Mezari empire.

More unique is ‘Golden Axed’, a game born from Sega Studios Australia’s real attempt to put up a new version of the classic arcade slash’em-up with polygonal graphics that would have been called ‘Golden Ax: Reborn’. Among other frustrated projects in the Reborn line were projects as juicy as a ‘Shinobi’ endless runner. East ‘Golden Axed’ is more of a beta than a game, a single-level proof of concept and can only be obtained on October 18.

Close the selection ‘Armor of Heroes’, a tank battle in the style of another legendary game, Atari’s ‘Tank’, but visually inspired by Relic Entertainment’s ‘Company of Heroes’. This proposal has nine game modes and supports games for up to four players frying with cannon shots. Four proposals to celebrate a rare anniversary at one of the oldest companies in the industry.

Not without my controversy

Sega’s announcement has been accompanied by a small brawl on social networks, since in its communication to the press, the company did not detail the real authors of the games or the true circumstances in which they were forged. For example, ‘Streets of Kamurocho’ was developed by Empty Clip, a studio specializing in demakes, a format that has already been applied to games like ‘Final Fantasy 15’ or ‘Dead Island’.

More sour have been the tweets of programmer Tim Dawson, who claims that the ‘Golden Axed’ project was not exactly a canceled project, but a real ordeal that had to be scheduled in two weeks and was continually met with misunderstanding from a detachment of Sega executives who did not appreciate the style of old-school fighting games. Give all the details on your Twitter account.