NiGHTS: into Dreams is one of the greatest classics developed by SEGA and released for SEGA Saturn, a game that was entitled to a sequel in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii.

Despite the HD version launched in 2012, the NiGHTS property is dormant, but Takashi Iizuka, director of Team Sonic at SEGA and director of the sequel to NiGHTS, does not forget it.

Takashi Iizuka talked to the ladbible and talked about the importance of NiGHTS and how he would like to create a new game.

“Sonic is my main focus at the moment, but at some point, I would love to return to NiGHTS as it was a very important part of my career.”

“Sonic is very important to me, but NiGHTS is also very important to me. I loved the game and in the future, maybe I can bring NiGHTS back,” said Iizuka of this beloved property.

Despite not confirming her return, it is good to see that those responsible for the series do not forget her and the enthusiasm aroused by Sonic Mania and the reception of the players may encourage SEGA to renew some series, such as NiGHTS.

About Sonic Mania, Iizuka says it was a turning point for the series and that it set the course for the future.

Would you like to have a new NiGHTS?