Despite the entry into the market for retro mini consoles, SEGA warns that we will still have to wait a long time before it is possible to present a SEGA Saturn Mini.

The Mega Drive Mini, confirmed for September, is the company’s first retro mini console, which will have the support of M2 for the emulation of 40 games, which left some wondering if SEGA would be thinking about more mini consoles.

It was precisely what IGN Japan tried to discover before Hiroyuki Miyazaki, the main person in charge of the Mega Drive Mini, which, unfortunately, did not have good news to give.

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Hiroyuki Miyazaki said, “Maybe it will be possible 10 years from now. By now, the necessary chips should be cheaper.”

Miyazaki refers to the cheap ‘System on a Chip’ options that allow the creation of mini retro consoles that emulate classics from other generations, something that faces other complications in the case of a 32-bit console.

The internal architecture of the SEGA Saturn is complex and could pose additional challenges for emulation, but Miyazaki even says that currently a SEGA Saturn Mini is not possible at acceptable prices.

However, he says that a Master System Mini may be viable, with the help of the current inexpensive systems, but he is not sure if there is interest.

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