Gone are the days when a program called “Meeting Point” brought together families and friends who had disappeared and even strangers. Well, the similarities with SEGA’s latest work are evident, with the small difference that SEGA Superstar Tennis brings many more families together, and then on a tennis court for exciting matches between Sonic and company.

This is undoubtedly a unique opportunity not only for fans of the game’s games to remember moments that have marked generations, but also for those who somehow do not know this world to start learning the most basic lessons and finally meet some of the older families in the world. video Games.

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Since the launch of PlayStation 3, the only character that has made a name for itself on the console’s game catalog has been Sonic. Apart from the little blue hedgehog, few families have made themselves known to lovers of Sony consoles. Super Monkey Ball has just checked in on GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS while NiGTHS recently had a new episode called Journey of Dreams on the Wii console. By this we mean that this has become a unique opportunity to live closely with characters who have been walking away from the world of many players lately.

SEGA Superstar Tennis is a title created by the producers of Virtua Tennis, something that serves as a business card for this game. You can count on a slightly different gameplay, for simpler. The controls are more basic, only the “X” and “Square” buttons are used, and through combinations of them we can get launches with more or less strength and skill. Each character also has a special power (R1 / L1 button) that gives our character new skills, the most common of which are random effects for the ball. It is a list of simple and different controls that may or may not please everyone, but that little or nothing changes the gameplay.

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There are 16 different players, 8 starting and 8 that can be unlocked. Each of them specializes in a different technique that somewhat changes the gameplay between each character, causing some to become boring due to the difficulty in controlling them.

The main menu has a simple interface and has a few different game options. They can simply play a quick game against the computer or a friend, and it is possible to play in 1vs1 and 2vs2. The main mode of the game is the Superstar which works as a career mode. Here the player will be able to find several episodes of different games from the SEGA world, fulfilling different missions, between direct games against artificial intelligence and different types of missions related to some mini-games, such as, for example, throwing a certain number of balls into the hole or take down X zombies, etc.

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Through this mode they can unlock new songs, scenarios, characters and even mini-games. There are games like “The house of the Dead”, “Jet Set Radio” or “Puyo Pop Fever”, and some of them manage to put us in the game so well that we even forget that we have a racket in hand. These games can be played solo or in multiplayer.

You can also play in Online mode, which is very well structured. Friendly matches or games can be played for the Ranking. Ranking games can be played in the form of a tournament or directly 1vs1, and everything we do while playing online enters a personal page with all our statistics either online or offline. You can also see the best of the week or always through the leaderboards and try to dethrone them. In addition, there is an option that allows you to watch live online games as if you were watching TV.

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It is undoubtedly the online that for a long time we regret not having made it to Virtua Ténis, pity is that for the time being few people play online, so it is difficult to find opponents. Even if they find the Superstars mode short, online play and the option of playing as a couple will surely extend the longevity of this title substantially.

The game features a very friendly graphics, with an immense color that spreads over the field, audience and players. The graphics are good within what is possible, there are good light effects and the animations of the characters are funny, although in a reduced amount because each character has a very limited number of animations. When we activate the special power of each character during a game, we are presented with a beautiful animation with elements characteristic of each character.

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The musicality will also leave many with the feeling of Déjà vu, many of which are old classics from each game. Few songs are boring and many are fun and electrifying, but without a doubt, Amigo’s are the best of all. Still, there are certain sound effects that become annoying after some, but nothing that becomes annoying.

Certain aspects such as graphics and gameplay lead us to believe that this is a game that aims mainly to captivate the youngest. The older ones certainly fell in love with many of the characters some time ago and will certainly maintain their good opinion about each one of them. An ideal game to play for two, be it between friends or even parents and children. The game mechanics are simple and quick to learn, which will certainly appeal to both kids and adults. A title to take into account especially when there are so few games for the youngest on PlayStation 3 and even on Xbox 360.

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