As you may have deduced (or not!) This article was one of our jokes for December 28th. Happy April Fools Day!

Sega has announced that it will not finally distribute Yakuza 6 in Europe.

Initially, the new installment of the franchise was scheduled to be published in the old continent on March 20, 2018, but the Japanese company has decided to cancel the launch due to “certain analyzes published by the European press.”

Specifically, Sega cites one signed by Paloma Cecilos, which seems to have deeply angered Toshihiro Nagoshi, producer and director of the franchise. The Japanese creative has stated that “such a Pancracia has killed Yakuza for European fans”, while Sega CEO Haruki Satomi added that “I hope that Pamela’s irresponsibility will be punished by her editor, Josep Majima Sempere.” Jürgen Post, the president of Sega Europe, explained that “we have no choice but to accept this decision by the central, caused by the unfair text of Patricia towards Kiwami”.

No mention has been made of Yakuza Kiwami 2, but it seems that its arrival in Europe is also in question after the course of events and this decision by Sega, which at the time some gentlemen already warned that it could arrive.

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