Sense8 – Human evolution, philosophy, sensations and diversity | Analysis.

Debuted a few weeks ago on Netflix another exclusive series of the Streaming service. Sense8 (or Sensate) is a series idealized by Wachovski brothers, and if you haven’t lived in a cave in the last 15 years, you may have seen, or heard of, the Matrix series.

The series matrix it was the brothers’ first work, which brought innovation in the field of visual effects, and good hints of philosophy and pop culture references, bringing a world where people lived inside a virtual reality and that served as food for the machines. Then the Brothers are gone, and only recently have they returned to the spotlight with the movie “The Fate of Jupiter” and the TV/Web series Sense8.

Basically, they decided to insert a dash of human evolution with human diversity and sensations. The plot of the series is, in a way, brushed in the initial episode: with a deep depression and suffering, the character “Angelica” (played by Daryl Hannah) practically “activates” Sensate’s powers for 8 people around the world, and after this she is found by a man, who tries to stop her from killing herself, but can’t. It practically defined who the villain of the series is, but the series is, in a way, not about him.

Sense8 – Human evolution, philosophy, sensations and diversity |  Analysis

With the “sensate” activated, the first episodes practically show the life of each one of them. Here enters the cultural, religious and sexual diversity of the protagonists. We have the driver who lives in Kenya, but who has financial problems and has to get medicine for his mother, who suffers from AIDS; the actor who has a secret that could end his career; the transsexual who, despite not having a specific plot at the beginning, later begins to have several complicated events (in addition to suffering prejudice from the family); the Korean woman who works at a finance company but has knowledge of martial arts; the wannabe gangster who wants to prove something to himself; the Indian woman who is scheduled to be married, but is still in doubt if that’s what she wants, the Chicago policeman and the DJ who lives in London, but who has several twists and turns during the plot.

8 people, 8 people with completely different and different stories, with different religions and different sexual options. While the series is setting the characters, little by little these people begin to “feel” different sensations, sharing sensations and visions, as if they had been transported in real time to the other person. In all this madness there is the character of Naveen Andrews (Said, from Lost), who is behind them to fulfill Angelica’s last request, which is to protect them from the “villain” that appears at the beginning of the series.

Sense8 – Human evolution, philosophy, sensations and diversity |  Analysis

Each episode practically has a specific plot, and when the characters start to feel the others, everything was set in a believable way in terms of hours, time zones and even the sensations, obeying the plot and having practically the same problems and questions.

Besides, at one point there’s a famous music in the background and everyone has it in their heads. Another time is someone is in trouble and someone else “shows up” to help at that moment. The question of survival, which starts to become more and more evident in the more advanced episodes of the series.

Sense8 – Human evolution, philosophy, sensations and diversity |  Analysis

It’s hard not to comment on spoilers of the series, but it has a lot of cool moments and some not so cool. As a series practically closed and turned to Netflix, it was made to watch in a “marathon” format, where the spectator sits and watches several episodes in sequence. The series also applies several philosophical concepts, although even for many people philosophy is difficult to understand and understand (including me), but once you start reading about it, you start to fit events from the series with concepts. philosophical.

For example, concepts such as interaction between people, the search for happiness, the religiosity and beliefs of individuals and human evolution itself, due to sharing sensations and sometimes thoughts in people who are thousands of miles away. In the eyes of a spectator it is seeing the person perform actions without any connection. For example, a couple’s kiss, where a third person who meets in the scene ends up seeing only one of them, kissing the “void”, and already imagining that the other person is completely freaking out.

Sense8 – Human evolution, philosophy, sensations and diversity |  Analysis

Now a detail that made me a little uncomfortable is the “naturalness” that the sensate have when interacting with each other. At first it was strange, but later it practically became natural, apart from how quickly you react to extreme situations, without questioning your own lucidity too much. Of course, sometimes a simple expression helps, but later that was practically left out.

Now a sensational detail of the series is in the edition. Because they share sensations and interactions, the focus and ambiance of the scenes changes. At one point, you have a walk between two characters, and the scenery changes, having, at a given moment, being in one place, then being in another, and alternating. But despite being a cool concept, it also causes some confusion, as it also radically changes the spatial positions of individuals. I think that an ordinary person would easily freak out when changing perspectives out of nowhere, “visiting” another location and then returning to where they were, but with the interlocutor’s visit.

Overall the series is reasonable, and for those who have Netflix and don’t have much to watch, you can pick up and watch several episodes. Of course, the series takes a long time to get into gear, and if you’re one of those people who rate a series for just the first episode, you’ll be a little lost and may not even want to follow it all. More from the third and fourth episodes it starts to get better, but despite them having explored a lot all the plots and unfolding of the characters around them (and other people close to them), when I finished watching the season I realized that not all plots were very explored individually. If the series has a new season and continues the current plot, it will be interesting to see the future developments of each person, due to the open ending and they have not shown the ending of everyone’s plots.

Sense8 – Human evolution, philosophy, sensations and diversity |  Analysis