Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is only a few weeks away from us and we’re not pulling it anymore! And if you weren’t hyped enough, we have a three-part serial to really get in the mood. In this last installment before release: series!

While some of us are such lucky dicks that they’ve been able to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for several hours, I’m just kind of tapping here with the soundtrack from Part 1 in the background, kidding myself that the 2.5 week will pass quickly. But what you can also do to make the wait a bit more bearable is watch a good cowboy movie, play an atmospheric western game, or of course dive into a nice western series!

Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2

As I type this last part in this serial, I realize that the order of it has actually not been that convenient. Because unless you’ve already taken a vacation or something in the run-up to the game, you won’t have enough time to bing entire series so close to the release! Well, then you will soon know what to watch if you can’t play games, on the train or with your mother-in-law on the couch or something. Let’s go!


Let’s start right away with the biggest hit, because I can’t imagine that there are still people who do not know this hit from HBO. The slickest western series ever made is secretly much more a sci-fi series, but fortunately that doesn’t mean that that real wild west atmosphere is missing! Moreover, it is a very ‘video gamey’ series, where the makers have taken a lot of inspiration from RDR and GTA. The ‘amusement park’ called Westworld is really just a huge sandbox game, in which visitors can do whatever they want, complete with missions, storylines and NPCs in the form of lifelike robots. Still glad that the NPCs in my games don’t usually develop self-awareness. Although, if we are to believe Rockstar, the inhabitants of Red Dead Redemption 2 are getting very advanced …

Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2


But Westworld was of course not HBO’s first step into the Wild West: it already came with Deadwood about twelve years earlier. Many times grimmer, rawer and filthier than Westworld in its grimmest, rawest and dirtiest moments. Just what I’m looking for in a Western, and no less than what I expect from Rockstar. The story begins in 1876, when Deadwood is still a small gold-mining camp, and over the three seasons we see it grow into a quintessentially lawless Western town. Such a place naturally attracts all kinds of scum and legends like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Wyatt Earp all pass by. Welcome to ‘Deadwood!


And where HBO goes, Netflix can’t be left behind, especially when Western is apparently hot! However, there is certainly no question of copycat, because writer Scott Frank (who also worked on Wolverine film Logan) has found a surprising approach for Godless. A guy on the run from his vengeful former gang leader and father figure sounds quite cliché, until he arrives in the village called La Belle. An accident at the local gold mine has driven most of the men in La Belle into the coffin, leaving the village almost all women. Interesting! It could have been a side mission in Red Dead Redemption. Very stylish Western series, which you can see from the tight intro alone.

Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2

North America

With over 200 different animal species in RDR 2, you better head into the wilderness well prepared! For example, I know that I will soon be scouring the area like a true Freek Vonk, looking for all the big and small creatures. To get into the right mindset, you can easily look at any random nature document, as long as it contains North American fauna. Highly recommended is North America, from Discovery Channel.

Hell on Wheels

Those railways that you (in) gratefully take advantage of in Red Dead Redemption, of course, they didn’t just come out of the blue. Building the Union Pacific Railroad’s thousands of miles has taken quite a bit of bloodshed! And so the mobile camp around the track layers, which they themselves call Hell on Wheels, is a great setting for a rock-hard series. The camp in this series, which followed the construction of the first transcontinental railroad across America, seemed to former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon an opportunity to track down his family’s killers.

Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2


Many series in this list that have something to do with gold, because that seems to have been quite a thing in the old west. This is also the case in the Old West of Canada, where the six-part mini-series Klondike is set. And where there is gold, there is greed and of course violence, betrayal and corruption (duh, otherwise you don’t have a western series). It may be geographically somewhat out of the way, but in terms of period it matches nicely with Red Dead Redemption 2, around the end of the nineties of the 19th century. It also matches nicely with an extensive selection of fascinating characters!

Ken Burns’ The West

If you really want to call yourself a Wild West nerd, of course, you base your knowledge not just on the romanticized image of the Western genre, but on the hard, historical facts. That, combined with personal reports from ‘those who were there’, is what you get in The West, from well-known documentary maker Ken Burns. In more than 12 hours, spread over 8 episodes, you will learn everything about the American West. From the moment Europeans first came into contact with Indians, to the winding down of the Wild West (as we experience in Red Dead Redemption), everything is in it. Can be seen in full on YouTube, although the quality is not too good. By the way, off-topic, but fun: fans of Grim Fandango will already encounter a very familiar voice in the first episode!

Guy on a Buffalo

If you don’t feel like watching such a long series, then at least watch this blood-curdling exciting show. It only has four short and surprisingly musical episodes, yet it has pretty much everything you need to get you set for October 26th. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed yet, but given the cultural influence of ‘Guy on a Buffalo’ it seems grim that we can’t ride a bison in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2

So, here you are, if all goes well with it again! I’m sure I miss a few more (Farmer Seeks Woman is on TV again, they also do things with horses there …), so do you know other crucial series to get us ready for Red Dead Redemption, or do your entire other things to prepare? Then you probably know where to find the reaction bar below. Bye!

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Series to get in the mood for Red Dead Redemption 2

Series to get in the mood for RDR 2