Sexy Comedy Dungeon Role-Playing Game Moero Crystal H Launches September 17.

Indie developer and distributor eastasiasoft and digital distributor Playasia have established a collaboration and are pleased to announce that the sexy dungeon comedy Moero Crystal Hby Compile Heart and Idea Factory will launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop on September, 17th, with a price of € 39.99, and a 15% discount at launch, and can be preloaded from September 10. The exclusive physical edition of Playasia will ship at the same time.

Moero Crystal H is a dungeon and role-playing game that tells the story of Zenox, the “lucky pervert,” who must collaborate with a group of monster girls to recover the stolen Bra of Darkness, an item of great power, and save the world. Guided by the “Panties of Light”, our heroes will embark on a mythical adventure.

In Moero Crystal HPlayers will fight in strategic turn-based combat while exploring dungeons divided into squares. Fight and recruit over 80 monster girls, then mix up their outfit combinations to your liking and change their looks and abilities. Get on the “Funyaton-Go” to play the shoot ’em up sections and discover the secret levels hidden by the monster girls. Upgrade your party accommodation and match monster girls as roommates. The quirky fantasies and offbeat humor of Moero Crystal H make it the ultimate hedonistic game.

Sexy Comedy Dungeon Role-Playing Game Moero Crystal H Launches September 17

“At eastasiasoft we are proud to be able to bring more parts of the Genkai Tokki series to Western audiences, and collaborating with Playasia makes it even more special,” he says. Joshua M French, Community Manager at eastasiasoft. “Moero Crystal H is one of the most unique role-playing games, with captivating gameplay and a very particular visual style, not often seen outside of Japan. By making it available to all players in the world of Nintendo Switch, we will help! to get the recognition it deserves! “

It will be the first time that Western audiences have the opportunity to play the third title in the Genkai Tokki series. The original Moero Crystal title came out for the PlayStation Vita in 2015, but it was never released outside of Asia. Although it follows the story of Monster Monpiece and Moero Chronicle, Moero Crystal H is an independent story with new characters. This remastered edition features an enhanced HD presentation, all DLC characters, English subtitles, and the new “Double Cuddles” feature, which updates the “Cuddly Cuddles” mode so that players can interact and increase affection for each other. two monster girls at once (now with HD vibration).

Sexy Comedy Dungeon Role-Playing Game Moero Crystal H Launches September 17

Officially licensed products are now available to celebrate the physical launch of Moero Crystal H on Nintendo Switch! High-quality short and long sleeve t-shirts, plus hats, are available to celebrate your favorite panther hunter! Artwork printed on canvas, featuring character illustrations and scenes by character designer Katsuyuki Hirano, can also be purchased. 30 x 45 cm and 13 x 18 cm versions are already available at