Sharing slides in Zoho?.

Sharing slides in Zoho? Zoho offers your company tons of options that promote effective work through collaboration among team members. With it they can share all kinds of products and projects that make the information flow through the departments and adjust it, add aspects, make it grow or simply manage the same information.

How do I share slides with Zoho?

The presentations that you want to share with your staff Zoho protects them, you simply decide who can access them, who can be present at the time of making the presentation and with whom to share them.

Sharing slides in Zoho?

You can place your presentations protected so that nobody can make modifications, otherwise, you can allow whoever you want to make any adjustments to your presentations. The adjustments are made immediately, remember that these presentations are archived and modified in the cloud.

The easiest thing is that you will not have to carry out that tedious process of uploading your presentations one by one, simply share the link by any means and that’s it.

Sharing slides in Zoho?

Can I create slideshows with Zoho?

If what you want is to create slides, Zoho puts at your disposal on its platform the option of create slides which includes a variety of templates with designs, tables, graphs, diagrams, transitions, animations, charts, that is, they come pre-designed, you simply type your information and that’s it, Zoho will do the best job for you.

In addition, you can place comments on your slideshows, comment on them, edit them, this tool is very useful, by interacting you can make your presentation grow and therefore better results will be obtained.

Sharing slides in Zoho?

How to make a presentation in Zoho?

  • The first thing you should do is be clear about what the presentation is about.
  • State the objectives of the investigation.
  • Outline how you think the structure of the presentation should be and write it down in order.
  • Locate data, to proceed to make your presentation.
  • Compile all the necessary information to proceed.
  • Start making your slides by entering the “Create Slides” option in Zoho.
  • You have tools at hand to do them quickly, such as: links between all Zoho applications where you have all the business information, default templates, among others.

Remember that you must have a Zoho subscription to develop your business presentations.

Important slide data in Zoho

First, you can use an @ after any user’s email address to make a notification comment intended solely for that person. With this you prevent other users from seeing calls or other information between personnel.

Sharing slides in Zoho?

You can lock your slides so that whoever you want can access them but cannot make any kind of change. You even decide who to share them with.

You can archive comments to finish them later, that is, they are archived in drafts and you can finish them later without anyone noticing.

You can insert images, tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, infographics, organization charts, and Zoho makes these predesigned business tools available to you to facilitate the process, but always with quality presentations.

Sharing slides in Zoho?