Shingo Seabass has disappeared. According to the latest news, an excited crowd of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ players stood in front of his house, demanding his head. But since the genes of a prominent athlete run through Shingo’s blood, they were not able to hunt him down and the Japanese genius managed to flee, thus saving his life for at least another year.

Let’s stop kidding. Many have not liked the demo of ‘PES 09’ that circulates through our consolesbut its creator is still determined to show how hard they have worked from one year to the next.

In a recent interview, Mr. Seabass has taken the opportunity to recall the benefits of the title that he defends this year and promise, as always, that they will continue working to improve more and more the base that already exists. Although the surprising thing about the matter is that the Japanese developer seems to be clear about the power of the graphics engine that ‘FIFA 09’ boasts of, going so far as to affirm that if they proposed it to him, he would seriously think about using it.

According to Shingo, the main problem they face every year since the next generation consoles arrived is performance. He argues that in the West that does not happen, because the big companies share engines and there is even an atmosphere of camaraderie that leads them to help each other, exchange shaders, technology… in short, solutions to problems.

On the contrary, it seems that the Japanese mentality is leading the entertainment industry in that country to wage separate wars. And to illustrate it, he talks about Koijima, with whom he claims to have a cordial relationship as “Kojima Productions” is located right next to his development team.

Despite staying with the same company, it seems that Shingo has no idea about the software, the graphic engines and how to work there, so any problem that arises they have to solve themselves (remember that we are talking at the work level with graphics engines). He even goes so far as to mention the style of work of Electronic Arts, in which various games share the same powerful engine and thus minimize problems, such as ‘Madden 09’ and ‘Fifa09’.

So when asked if he would agree to start developing a new ‘PES’ under the graphics engine of the current ‘FIFA’, Shingo asks him.

“Well, I think I would have to think about it very seriously because I think thatThe EA engine and its animations are superb, very very good. The modeling of the players may not have completely convinced me… but seriously, I think that its graphics engine and its animation are simply great.”

Regarding the novelties of the new and expected ‘PES 09’, its creator referred above all to the online improvements. Last year nothing could be done about that issue and it was fixed in a somewhat shabby way, the team’s efforts were focused on other aspects of the game, but this year they promise to have fixed the problems.

According to Seabass, it will be possible to play without Lag with almost any decent Internet connection and the efforts of its development team have been in that vein. He also ensures that the Artificial Intelligence of the players has risen many integers and that the new “Become a Legend” mode will be very liked by fans.

In summary, after reading the original interview, I am left with a bittersweet taste. On the one hand, the disappointment that the demo of ‘PES 09’ left, and on the other, the hope of believing that they have worked hard, that the game will return to what it was and that the demo was still that, a demonstration of an unfinished product, so there is room for improvement.

And you, do you want the gameplay of the classic ‘PES’ with the graphics of the current ‘FIFA’? Something tells me it’s the wet dream of many digital football fans.