The Days Gone world is not for the faint of heart. Enemies are hiding everywhere. The speakers overwhelm you with their numbers, people surprise you and the elements turn against you too. Arm yourself with these five things about the game and you can get by in one piece.

Days Gone contains several types of infection

In Days Gone, there are different types of enemies – the game’s Freakers – who want to make your life miserable. For example, there are the standard infected people who are called Swarmers. They are not a threat per se, but they will overpower you quickly in groups. In addition to the Swarmers, you have the Newts. These creatures are infected teenagers who only attack the main character Deacon when he is too close or in poor health. Howlers are especially annoying as they can deacon Deacon with their shout and gain hordes. It is important to deactivate it as soon as possible. Circuit Breakers are large tank-like Freakers that can be beaten. In addition to human freakers, you also have infected animals. For example, there are wolves, bears, and crows in the game that you need to watch out for.

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In Days Gone, your Drifter Bike is crucial for the gameplay

Your motorcycle in Days Gone plays a major role in the gameplay. Cycling is not only the main form of transportation, it also helps you get out of difficult situations. For example, you can increase the speed of your motorcycle by using nitrous oxide to get away from a group of enemies. There are also upgrades for your engine, such as a silencer that lets you plan a surprise attack. After all, you need to maintain your motorcycle and provide it with enough fuel.

The hordes of Days Gone are vibrant, and so is the weather

The developers of Days Gone, Bend Studio, tried to create a realistic world. There is a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle. Obstacles in the game also move and migrate depending on the weather and time of day. You can therefore meet a horde of 500 Freakers during your escapades in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. The dynamics of the weather are also reflected in the riding behavior of your Drifter Bike, as it has less grip on muddy trails after it rains, for example.

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Days Gone contains RPG elements

Days Gone has several RPG elements. You can upgrade the Drifter Bike and Deacon. These upgrades are broken down into three skill trees, namely melee, ranged, and survival. By eliminating enemies and completing missions, you gain experience points to spend on skills. Additionally, you can improve your health and stamina by releasing NERO checkpoints from Freakers.

Days Gone has a strong focus on history

While the trailers focus primarily on gameplay, more information about Deacon, his past, and his relationship with Sarah has been released in preparation for the release. Bend Studios said the game focuses on a linear story. The game lasts 30 hours with no side activities and there are 6 hours of cut scenes in the game. For comparison, The Last of Us, also a linear story set in a post-apocalyptic setting, had 4.5 hours of playtime. deleted scenes.

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Source: IGN