Should Apple take action on AirTags? (Opinion)..

Airtags are Apple devices that took a long time to arrive. Also, while they arrived or not, there was a lot of controversy with them. They were devices that were very similar to Tile. In fact, this company faced Apple over issues of patents, registrations and more. The fact is that we already have them among us, but it seems that the use made by certain users jeopardizes their continuity, or not. Should Apple take action on the matter?

Misuse of AirTags

The main and original idea of ​​the AirTag is to help its user find a lost device or object. To do this, it is based on Find Me technology and that is why it has such good results. Being able to use the Apple network around the world and the millions of devices that help locate it, makes its effectiveness very high.

Should Apple take action on AirTags?  (Opinion).

But of course, there is always someone who manages to spoil everything that other people have worked for. Ok, we can even say that these people are original and look for a series of alternative uses. That would be fine, when the uses are legal but not to harass people or steal cars.

It came to the fore early on that an AirTag had been used to harass and track people. For this reason, the company introduced an update that means that if you have an AirTag that is not yours nearby, it will notify you through acoustic and visual signals on the iPhone, for example. But of course, these are usually ignored by the people who receive them. That makes tracking by a malicious user easier.

Should Apple take action on AirTags?  (Opinion).

Something similar has happened again. Many different people received messages on their iPhones about an unknown AirTag being used to track them. Both had been placed in the cars. One of them in the engine and in the other case in the front wheel. I can imagine the scared look on their faces.

For all these things that are happening, one asks the question: Wouldn’t it be better to remove this device from the market? In reality, the misuse of an AirTag or any other device created for a different use, the culprit is the person who uses it that way.

Should Apple take action on AirTags?  (Opinion).

What do the just pay for sinners?

It would not be right for the righteous to pay for sinners. That is to say, it would not be right for those who use the devices correctly to be left without their AirTag.

It would be like saying that certain computers are withdrawn from the market because they are used by unethical hackers and therefore we nip the problem at the root. You’re not really cutting the problem you’re just delaying it. That’s what would happen if Apple removed AirTags from the market.

Should Apple take action on AirTags?  (Opinion).

So, honestly, I don’t think that’s the solution. But it is true that the company should do something more. Go a step further, as you did at the beginning and upgrade.

Apple should implement a new update and that in some way the use of these devices to track people or objects that are not ours and that we really should not be tracking should be more restrictive. But of course, the use of tracking itself cannot be restricted, because then you would be reducing the effectiveness of the device and reducing the value of that person who has bought it.

The problem lies in the moment the user places the AirTag and marks it as lost. Why not force that lost AirTag to be associated with the Apple ID? That way, if when you launch the notice that you are being tracked, the Apple ID appears, those who want to make malicious use of the device may think twice. They may register with a false ID, I know. But there will always be someone who plays dirty and for that there are specialized people, in finding them and bringing them to justice. But surely with this measure misuse is reduced.

Should Apple take action on AirTags?  (Opinion).

I don’t know what you think? Do you have any idea? Do you think the AirTag should continue or be withdrawn?