Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

What are the pros and cons. And what you will do with them, from your own experience.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

A common life story

To be honest, it took me a long time to decide whether to buy this new, unusual for an apple product, or not. For one thing, I already have big pebbles, Nike fuel Bands, Misfits (misfits) and plus some Chinese nonames; But the gadget man in my soul whispered, “It’s an Apple Watch! It’s cool, probably stylish, and in a couple of days they will officially start selling it in Moscow. You just have to go and look at it, you don’t have to buy it right away.”

And so, on the first day of official sale, I went exploring; Not alone, but with my partner. There were several reasons for this: firstly, of course, it is always interesting to listen to someone else’s opinion or impressions, and if he is sensible, he can listen to them; secondly, unlike me, my girlfriend is not a fan of all sorts of electronic gadgets, so there was a chance that she would discourage me from rash or impulsive spending of money. Crossing the threshold of the store, I thought I had it all figured out.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

A few hours later. Bought an Apple Watch Both of them.

After half an hour, we opted for the models Sport 42mm with a black strap for you and Sport 38mm with a white strap towards her. There were no particular objections from the other half, although early on in our walk there were of course promises to restrain me from reckless spending 🙂

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

What other smartwatches should I buy for my girlfriend?

Honestly, I’ve tested plenty of competing wearable gadgets in a woman’s hand, from the Moto360 to the latest Huawei watch. But everything is wrong.

All other instances except the apple Watch, uniquely male look and feel. Unfortunately, a girl with a Samsung Gear in her hand looks to my eyes the same as she would if she had, for example, a mustache. Could be, but he’s not pretty and he’s too masculine.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

It doesn’t matter what others say. apple has made a revolutioncreating a barely imitable device. Chameleon gadget. Put it on a man’s wrist and complete the look, without detracting from masculinity or seeming like an insufficient accessory or toy. And if you put it on a woman’s wrist, the apple Watch does not harm femininity and looks no worse than some Pandora’s bracelet Or any other piece of fashion jewelry.

Women’s impressions of the Apple Watch

Figuring out how to power on, pair, and set up a newly purchased watch for the first time was easy. I didn’t hear a single question. 9 out of 10 women of almost any age (except children or the elderly), will take care of them without our help.

Many months have passed since then. We have grown accustomed to our apple Watch and take for granted the convenience it brings to our everyday lives. The best: the girl no longer wears any other watch. I’ll explain why, based on her words.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?


I have already described my opinion on the design of the Apple Watch above. I just want to add to all of the above that a device designed by a man, designed by a man, and then reviewed by the majority of men is of interest to girls and women. Isn’t that a win for unisex style from the bowels of Cupertino? 😉


Friends, look at the dolls of your companions. Do you see those delicate, thin and fragile dolls? Now imagine how the powerful leather strap of the LG Watch Urbane is attached. I think that the discomfort of wearing these accessories is guaranteed. The Apple Watch has fluoroplastic straps with a not-so-normal clasp; I’ve never seen anything more comfortable – the strap doesn’t tangle or chafe.

Even compared to Pebble’s rubber straps, the Apple Watch wins in terms of comfort. It is clear that this point is not so obvious to us with our hairy hands, but you should keep this factor in mind when trying on and buying accessories for your favorite women.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?


Ok, ok, now the comments will explain to me that I am wrong in everything written above. But there is no argument from the haters against that: taptic engine. Seriously, it’s the most delicate thing they’ve ever invented. All other smart devices vibrate and rattle like tractors. The vibrator sounds threatening! The apple Watch, on the other hand, is smooth. pressing in your hand. It’s much nicer than the vibrations that shake not only your hand, but also the table it rests on, and barking dogs a mile away.

If you also periodically touch his wrist with your other hand, imitating the “touch” of the Apple Watch, after a while he will associate each touch notification from the watch with your touch, which means that he will think about his beloved more often, and that’s very nice, isn’t it?


The apple Watch motivates to exercise. This is an immutable fact, confirmed by studies, articles and statistics. Having bought a watch for two, we rush to grind bikes, scooters, jog and go to the gym more often, although this is more true of me (let Roman Yuriev not judge me!).

The apple gadget has magically united my partner and I in terms of healthy lifestyle, and looking back I realize that exercising I have the desire to eat well and then a pinch of sport and healthy eating came into our lives . This happened by itself, and that’s why Thanks to Apple Watch.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

contribute to the future

Surely on the eve of all holidays, be it a birthday, New Year, Valentine’s Day or any other, everyone wonders what to give their partner. Well, with the apple Watch this problem disappears on its own. The gift solution is a new strap! Because they can be easily changed and because the Internet and various markets offer beautiful and stylish straps in all colors and materials, you will never be short of ideas for the next gift. In other words, buying an Apple Watch for you and her is an important strategic move for the future.

No more sharing razors, socks, and toilet water. Let’s get new straps!


We use it whenever we are not together, either within the same city or on business trips to other cities and towns. Transmission of heart rate and crappy graphs “doodles” each other. Believe me, even on the days of the dreaded late work, it only takes eight secondsto quicken your partner’s pulse. It is not necessary to write romances in iMessage or VKontakte, because it is attention that counts.

Should you buy your girlfriend an Apple Watch?

It is like flowers: they have no practical use, but the person you love knows that you are thinking of them. So transfer the pulse from one apple Watch to another equals a digital bouquet. There you have it. Well, and the graphical hearts that can be directed from your watch to the lovely lady’s watch is a very nice feature of the apple Watch; It’s amazing every time I draw something.


Of course, the apple Watch is in no way a compromise. The small detail on your wrist does not harm your relationship, but rather strengthens it. However, the small detail on the wrist does not harm the relationship, but rather reinforces it to a certain extent. And that’s in addition to the other functions that the Apple Watch does very well and makes your weekday work routine easier. Also, they wake you up very delicately in the morning so you can get up first and make breakfast in bed.

So love each other, live a healthy life if possible and draw hearts. Life is beautiful when you have a loved one that you want to show how much you love them. By the way, I am sure that there are happy apple Watch owners among our readers. Tell us in the comments how the watch helps you to express your feelings, or maybe to attract attention? We would all be interested in reading it.

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