Sports competitions are upon us. After being put on hold by the COVID-19 crisis, the matches will be replayed, but behind closed doors and without an audience. This allows you to watch the game on TV, but eliminates some of the experience, like cheering on your team, singing, or celebrating goals with a shout. To remedy this, Yamaha has an idea: an application connected to the stadium speakers.

Her name is Remote Support And it has already been tested at Shizuoka Ecopa, one of the largest football stadiums in Japan with 50,889 seats, during a match between Júbilo Iwata and Shimizu S-Pulse. Its operation is particularly particular and curious. The application has different buttons, each assigned to each sound. At the push of a button, sound is played over the stadium speakers, simulating the experience of being there.

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“Gooooool”> Send

From Yamaha, they explain that the app is still in beta and the interface is subject to change, but is being used to find out how it works. The app has eight buttons, each linked to a sound, like the classic “Goool! “Or” Vamoooos! », But also applause, whistles and hoots. User can choose from where the sound is played, so that the zones can be separated. For example, the left for one team and the right for another.

However, depending on the number of people and the number of times the buttons are pressed, the volume will increase more or less. This takes on special importance at times like goals or fouls. Another curious feature is that you can clap at synchronized rhythms to, for example, follow club songs.

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Mostly sounds can be customized according to the event, something that makes sense if we assume that a tennis match is not the same as a soccer match or a race. Junpei Takaki, of S-Pulse and former professional player, believes that “the screams of the supporters are an essential part of the atmosphere of the match” and agrees with Hiromi Yanagihara, of Júbilo, who hopes “more collaboration to be able implement the system at future events. ”

The app is still in beta and is subject to change.

The system is compatible with speakers already installed in the stadiums themselves and Yamaha guarantees a more immersive experience (for gamers, mainly) place the speakers in the stands. This way the sound will be emitted from where it would come from in a match under normal situations.

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The J-League, the Japanese soccer league, is expected to return in late June or early July as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe lifted the state of emergency earlier this week.

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