You can’t imagine the kind of strategy without two heavyweights like Civilization and X-COM. Two sagas created by MicroProse in the nineties and that they are currently owned by 2K Games. The first is always linked to Sid Meier (co-founder of MicroProse in 1982) through his studio Firaxis Games, curiously the same team in charge of the total renewal of XCOM.

Too bad MicroProse disappeared from the scene in 2002 after crossing various hands in the late 90s and early 21st century, like Hasbro Interactive and the legendary French infograms. It is therefore surprising to discover his return, almost two decades later, with the help of Bill Stealy himself.

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The former co-founder of MicroProse with Sid Meier supra, is one of the people who advises David Lagettie, the “culprit” of the resurgence of MicroProse in mid-2020, as detailed in an interview on

As he puts it, he “tries since 2005 to find out what happened to MicroProse dreamed of bringing it back to life”. And this is precisely what you have just achieved with former MicroProse members, to produce three video games and twenty more to be unveiled in the future. An optimistic figure, right?

MicroProse’s new leadership in 2020

With Grand Prize 4 being the last game developed by the original MicroProse in mid-2002, the new MicroProse will not have these legendary IPs, but completely new games will predominate… Although Lagettie himself has given up, yes, there will be “legendary titles which will be given a facelift and which will make a lot of people happy”. But he didn’t say the names.

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And who is Lagettie? He is no stranger to video games, having worked on the development of military simulators, being CEO and founder of the Australian branch of Czechs Bohemia Interactive (experts in the field thanks to the saga ARMED). There he created the special military training simulators VBS.

Therefore, the military theme will predominate in many games that will be released under the new MicroProse (which will keep your logo, by the way), just like the cases of Maritime powerby Triassic Games; and Admiral of the Task Forceby Drydock Dreams. And of course, the strategy with Hexex, of the Second Front. Although there will also be adventures and, of course, racing simulators.

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The vast majority of its releases will be available in 2021 and over the next four years, although some will go on sale in late 2020. It is worth that it is not the same MicroProse without Civilization or XCOM, but we’re happy to see his return due to the importance of his name between the 80s and 90s.

Source: Gadgetsnow