‘Silence From Evil’ (Dead Silence, 2006) is the penultimate film by james wana director whose works always reach us quite late, including his successful ‘Saw’ with which began an endless saga that premieres its new installment every year. ‘Silence From Evil’ It seemed to depart from the style introduced by his debut, an incursion into a more serious type of terror, if possible, to put it in some way, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although it may not seem like it, Wan’s second film as director is similar in more than one point to his previous work.

One day, the protagonist of our story receives by surprise a package in which there is a ventriloquist doll, which seems to have a life of its own and not much desire to make very lasting friends. It seems that inside the doll lives the spirit of a woman who keeps a terrible secret from our young friend’s past. Yes, that’s what you’re thinking.

The film is nonsense from beginning to end.despite a certain originality in its proposal but totally wasted, something that many films of current terror, which usually start from a sometimes quite interesting premise. But in ‘Silence From Evil’ everything begins to break down shortly after the start of the film, which alternates between moments of the most ridiculous and others of sovereign boredom, until it reaches the typical surprise final twist, where a series of facts are revealed to us in half a minute of frantic editing in the one that is intended for us, the hallucinated spectators, to remain with our mouths open, supposedly surprised by what they are telling us.

It is in that final part above all where its director, james wan, shamelessly approaches his most successful film, composing an outcome that is somewhat reminiscent of that of the aforementioned film, especially in the way it is made. But it’s not the only case, a certain doll that appears at a certain moment in the show looks suspiciously like that of ‘Saw’, and the bad girl’s last name is Shaw, as Beatriz rightly pointed out in her review. Details too obvious that do nothing but go back to another movie, and by the way, much better than this one. By the way, the actress who gives life to the “bad” character is called Judith Roberts and has a role in Wan’s next film, the one still unreleased in our theaters, ‘Death Sentence’ and curiously her last name is also Shaw. The appearances of the actress with the role of her azo of her in ‘Silence From Evil’ They are the most laughable thing that has been seen in a horror movie in years, You haven’t even taken advantage of the typical scare in which they turn up the volume on the soundtrack and you are caught off guard causing you to jump out of your seatsomething that of course has nothing to do with being scary in a film.

And speaking of actors, I can’t resist mentioning Donnie Wahlberg, brother of you know who, and thanks to his intervention he becomes one of the best actors in history. The actor is simply ridiculous, in keeping with the tone of the film, composing a truly pathetic police character, with the odd mania that instead of defining the character makes us wonder what that kind of thing is about. I am referring, of course, to the razor that accompanies him everywhere. The rest of the actors have nothing to envy him.

a very bad movie which will soon become the meat of a video store, where it will surely achieve much more success.