Skill Calculator Diablo III online.

As of today, Blizzard gives you the chance to experiment with the skills that you will assign to your character once Diablo III is released using a Skill Calculator.

The Skill Calculator can be found on the site and shows you which skills will be available when you reach a certain level.

To start the calculation you just need to pick a class, then activate both Active and Passive skills with Runestons. The program will then calculate the required experience level, which you can also immediately share with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. As a result, at least your immediate environment knows that you too can’t wait for Diablo III – probably – to be released in the course of 2012.

Skill Calculator Diablo III online

A select few are currently testing the PC game in closed beta. There is also said to be a public beta, but when it will start is still unclear.