Get ready to take off in this moving social adventure: today the gates of the kingdom of sky finally open on Google Play. Join over 10 million gamers worldwide who have already shared memories with new and old friends online. Jump into the world permanently Sky: children of light, while you and your loved ones hold hands as they fly through the clouds together. As you explore different realms, work together to diffuse light across different countries and their constellations. The game is now available on Google Play.

At the heart of Sky: Children of Light is a game built around wonder, compassion and selflessness. Thanks to its high production values ​​and the accessibility of the game, the world of Sky brings a moving story to life with splendid animations and a breathtaking soundtrack that is aimed at both experienced and novice players. Teams of up to 8 players can be formed to explore the vast arena, with the ability to make new friends, collaborate on missions and enjoy expressions of different characters, as well as enjoy music and music. many mini-games. Fans are sure to be missed every round.

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Developped by thatgamecompany, the creators of the famous Journey and Flower, Sky: Sons of Light was recently recognized as “Mobile Game of the Year” by SXSW, “iPhone Game of the Year” by Apple, as well as the Mobile Game Awards and Games Developers Choice Awards ”, among others.

Game Info:

We land in the sky as the children of light who spread hope throughout the kingdom to bring the fallen stars back to their original constellations. Only by sharing the light to awaken and redeem lost ancestors and civilizations can the mysteries be revealed and the stars restored again.

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In the kingdom of heaven you:

  • Take to the skies and explore 7 dreamy realms to unravel the mystery;
  • Meet and socialize with related players from all over the world;
  • Feel free to express yourself with a delicious selection of character customizations;
  • Join the others to venture together into dark realms, save spirits and discover ancient treasures;
  • Give candles of light as a sign of gratitude and cultivate friendships;
  • Live a unique musical experience by creating harmonies together;
  • Be part of an ever-expanding world, with new attractions on the agenda, including seasonal events and kingdom expansions.
  • New in-game events and a new season of upcoming adventures will be available in April.
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Sky: Children of Light is now available on the Google Play Store for Android and the iOS App Store.

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