Sky Force Reloaded – game review. Retro high-class pleasure.

Nowadays, when AAA games are on the top, and from time to time some innovative independent production breaks into the light, it is good to be able to sit down to classic fun, the format of which has not changed for several dozen years. A game that offers such enjoyment is Sky Force: Reloaded – should you try it?

The Polish independent studio, Infinite Dreams, has once again refined its somewhat old work and put it on the current generation consoles and PCs. Sky Force: Reloaded, discussed today, has its mechanical roots in a genre whose history is almost as old as our entire industry – an example of this is the legendary River Raid.

Sky Force Reloaded – game review.  Retro high-class pleasure

It is known, however, that over the years, the games have developed significantly even in such fossilized and classic genres as scrolled shoot-em’up. Said creation throws us in its tutorial into a whirlwind of crazy action at the highest speed – we see the best capabilities of our ship, fight a powerful enemy, learn the basic rules of the game and, of course, die.

Then we have to go through 11 story missions and 2 special tasks – we start with the first one to gradually unlock more for the medals obtained. In Sky Force, each mission was based on the scheme of obtaining these four decorations, which we are entitled to in turn for; Kill 70% of enemies, Kill 100% of enemies, Save people, Complete missions without taking damage.

Sky Force Reloaded – game review.  Retro high-class pleasure

It would seem, therefore, that it will be a simple game for 2-3 hours and we are all done. Which did not? Well no! Each task has three levels of difficulty, which we unlock for obtaining a set of medals at the previous level of the challenge. Moreover, each subsequent mission is much more difficult than the last one. Add to that the system of collecting stars from killed enemies and destroyed elements of the environment, which we spend as money for the development of our vehicle, and you will get the perfect material for a solid grind.

But how enjoyable and satisfying! We can upgrade our vehicle in several base categories and add three special weapons to it – we will strengthen the armor, the main gun, the side gun, the missile gun, and even the star magnet. When it comes to special weapons, these must not only be bought and upgraded, but each time we use them, replenish their supplies before embarking on a battle – which of course costs stars. The most helpful among them is the manually activated protective shield, which has a short duration of action, but saves the skin in intense situations.

Sky Force Reloaded – game review.  Retro high-class pleasure

In addition, the work of Infinite Dreams offers the possibility of collecting a few items. The first are cards – when you get one, you use its power for 15 real minutes, then its magic disappears and you can enjoy a nice picture in the collection. It further turns out that our basic ship is not the only one included in the game, and our current pilot is a lame without any additional skills. Therefore, we start catching the parts flying in the air to assemble the remaining models, and by completing the appropriate challenges (e.g. kill 10,000 enemies), we collect prestige points that attract new pilots.

As for the boards themselves, these are very interesting and climatically realized – they all stick to a certain theme, but play with it in various ways, which introduces such a hint of excitement before we can finally jump on a new route after a long grind. A very good idea of ​​the developers was to introduce a little variety from time to time in the form of boards that change the formula of the game – for example, during 4 missions you fight hordes of planes, helicopters and cannons, in the next one you cannot shoot at all, and the only thing you have to do is avoid anti-aircraft gun bullets.

Sky Force Reloaded – game review.  Retro high-class pleasure

As for the visual layer, there is nothing to complain about here. The quality of all models is very decent, because it combines a kind of simplicity with a very interesting artistic design. This is very important, because thanks to this the game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, even when scenes from hell are happening on the screen.

Hundreds of missiles at once, tons of enemies and explosions in the background. A very cool theme is also the fact that the environment has several layers of depth, thanks to which it is relatively easy to sense the distance, height, and in addition, smashed enemies effectively dive down. Musically it’s also very good – what you expect from such a production, you will definitely get here. Dynamic, energetic sounds will encourage us to fight our enemies.

So if you’ve missed such a retro adventure with a casual, casual puff to airplanes, Sky Force: Reloaded is the perfect game for you!

Sky Force Reloaded – game review.  Retro high-class pleasure