Skyrim – fans improve the main plot, inspired by, among others A witcher.


  • Skyrim: Extended Cut is created – a modification to TES V, which is to improve the main plot of the game.
  • The project is to improve, among others, the third act of the title, add new voiced dialogues, improve part of the factions, etc.
  • The mod will debut on PC and Xbox One in 2021. It will be dedicated to the Special Edition by Bethesda.
  • Although The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was generally very well received by both players and the industry media, there are many people who did not like this title. They point out, for example, that the loud production of Bethesda, originally released in 2011, is not the best when it comes to the storyline. But ultimately what are modders for? Several of them have merged into a group that is preparing the project Skyrim: Extended Cut. This modification is intended for The Elder Scrolls V in version Special Edition is to develop the main plot of the game. Its premiere on PC and Xbox One is scheduled for 2021.

    What exactly will be in Skyrim: Extended Cut? According to the entry by the creators of the modification on Reddit, people who install it can count on, among other things, an extended third act of the main storyline of the game, the integration of the mission with the Dragonborn DLC, greater Thalmor involvement in the action, improved organization of Blades, more attractions in Black Harbor, more visible the impact of completed side quests on the story, new, fully voiced dialogues, etc. As emphasized by modders, all this is prepared in such a way as to reflect, to some extent, the experience of communing with the titles belonging to such renowned series as The witcher whether Dragon Age. At the same time, they make sure that their design is as faithful as possible to the climate and the original design.

    Skyrim – fans improve the main plot, inspired by, among others  A witcher

    Works on Skyrim: Extended Cut Apparently they are going very well. According to the creators, there is no need to worry that the project will not be finished yet. Their goal is not to rebuild the entire game, as the people responsible for Skywind door the preparation of huge tracts of new land (see Beyond Skyrim). Despite the enormity of planned changes, Skyrim: Extended Cut is described as a larger mod with tasks, the creation of which does not require as many years of work and increased effort as in the case of the fan-made creations mentioned in the previous sentence.

    Will Skyrim: Extended Cut be worth downloading?

    Skyrim – fans improve the main plot, inspired by, among others  A witcher

    What’s more important, installing Skyrim: Extended Cut it won’t necessarily mean you have to give up using other mods. According to the creators, at the current stage of production, their work is compatible with 99% of fan projects that affect the gameplay in The Elder Scrolls V. In case of more serious conflicts, there are plans to create appropriate patches to ensure compatibility with Skyrim: Extended Cut with other major modifications like Legacy of the Dragonborn.

    You would like to help create Skyrim: Extended Cut? The creators are looking for additional scriptwriters, level designers, people responsible for implementing tasks and moderators of the official project server on Discord. Details can be found here.

    Skyrim – fans improve the main plot, inspired by, among others  A witcher

    Skyrim will celebrate its ninth birthday this year.

    According data Steamcharts, only on PC in the past 30 days on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition at the same time, an average of 15,620 people had fun. Who knows? Perhaps the premiere of Skyrim: Extended Cut will induce some players to relive their adventure in the frosty land of Nords, and this number will increase significantly.

    Skyrim – fans improve the main plot, inspired by, among others  A witcher
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