Dying in games makes them more enjoyable. That’s what we’ve accomplished in the 6 years of Dark Souls, and that’s what Bethesda has been focusing on! There is a beta available in Skyrim, which is the survival mode. Worth reading!

Created and distributed by Bethesda using the Creaction Club. It’s open to the public for the first week and it’s free. Below we list the best mods for Skyrim only that they will be added to Survival Mode.

Skyrim – a simulator of the destruction of the psyche

The list of mods for Skyrim is huge. Such weighing little … and several dozen gigabytes. The producers decided to add a few of them to the survival mode. Here is the list:

  • Hunger – you want food and exercise.
    • Going without food for a long time will reduce your stamina, attack speed and movement speed. Additionally, shields will be less efficient.
    • You can buy the “Well Fed” buff, thanks to which you will have more food resources.
    • Health regeneration is disabled, so you must eat.
    • Vampires and werewolves can feed on prey.
    • Uncooked meat can poison you, reducing your ability to eat. And remember! All diseases heal more slowly and evolve over time.
  • Fatigue – sleep is sweet.
    • It works just like hunger. Additionally, it reduces the effects of potions and lowers the regeneration charges for magic and stamina.
    • Yeah. Rest, however, exists and you will need to sleep on a mattress. Inside.
    • Carrying too much weight makes you tired faster. Objects you carry will usually be lighter now.
  • Cold – hide before you freeze.
    • Is it too cold? you will die. The user interface shows you what is warm and what is cold for you.
    • Light armor is colder than heavy armor.
    • Extremely stupid issues like swimming in ice water are not healthy.
    • Different areas of the world have different temperatures.
    • Vampires and werewolves are slower in winter.
  • Fast Travel – is disabled. Use wagons.
  • Disadvantage – These effects will give you a nuisance that will last until you heal.
    • Weakened: You are less effective at using melee weapons and blocking damage and defending.
    • Frostbitten: You are much less effective at picking locks, pockets, and doing bow damage.
    • Addled: All spells and spells are less efficient.

Creation Club

What is this? Let’s call it CC for short. Thanks to it, we can buy add-ons for games published by Bethesda. Plus, it’s support for modders to collaborate with. Any interesting mods will be improved (graphically or technically) so that they can be placed in CC. Of course, you have to pay for Creation Club tokens. They are in packs (all rounded):

  • 750 – £5.99/$7.99 – PLN 29
  • 1500 – £10.99/$14.99 – PLN 53
  • 3000 – £18.99/$24.99 – PLN 92
  • 5500 – £29.99/$39.99 – PLN 146

What do you think about the Creation Club and the Skyrim mode? worth it?