• Here comes Small World of Warcraft, a special version of the Small World board game set in the universe of the popular MMORPG and the Blizzard RTS series.
  • The game will debut in the third quarter of this year and will have a Polish language version, prepared by the Rebel publishing house.
  • It cannot be denied that over fifteen years of its presence on the World of Warcraft market it has become a phenomenon that goes beyond the scope of the computer game itself. The conquest of other markets with this brand started shortly after the premiere. For example, in 2005, the title received a board game adaptation, World of Warcraft: The Board Game, prepared by Fantasy Flight Games. But this is not the end. Soon, the still very popular MMORPG, which grew out of the cult RTS series, will again appear on the tables of fans of fantasy climates and meetings with friends. Days of Wonder has announced that it will establish cooperation with Blizzard, the fruit of which will be a board game Small World of Warcraft (via Game Rant).

    Small World of Warcraft has a chance to attract new people to the brand.

    WoW + Small World = Small World of Warcraft

    Small World of Warcraft will be a special version released in 2009 Small World. The basic principles of both of these productions are to be similar. At the beginning of the game, players sit in front of a board made up of several dozen areas. Then they receive one of several races with different characteristics and add an additional special skill to it. Now, based on their abilities, they have to conquer areas, sometimes by fighting or making alliances with other players. The more fields we control at the end of a given turn, the more victory points we get. This state of affairs cannot, however, continue indefinitely. Eventually our race reaches the limit of development, and to continue the fun, the person controlling it must declare extinction. He withdraws all units from the board (except one) and chooses the next civilization from the pool of five available at the moment and starts the whole process anew. The entire game, which usually lasts between 40 and 80 minutes, is won by the player with the most victory points at the end of the 10th turn.

    Small World of Warcraft in its basics will be similar to the original.

    The Force is in the races of Azeroth

    The main distinguishing elements Small World of Warcraft from ordinary Small World plus The underground of course, there will be races (of which there will be sixteen in total) and their skills special. In the game, you will be able to lead Orcs or People known from the work of Blizzard and use, for example, magical portals.

    Small World of Warcraft is to debut in the third quarter of this year. The title will be given, inter alia, to the Polish edition prepared by the Rebel publishing house. Currently, they can be purchased in advance for PLN 229.50. However, the regular price, which will be valid after the end of the promotion, is PLN 269.95.

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