LAS VEGAS – All owners of a pet, and in particular of a dogthey know how important it is but at the same time difficult to keep the Health of your four-legged friend. This is why the Calabrian startup Kaliot He has made SmartBonethe smart dog toy that simultaneously entertains And monitor health of your dog.


We were able to touch a couple of prototypes of this dog toy on the occasion of the CES 2020where the startup was present as part of the third mission Made in Italy. As the team present on site explained to us, the product consists of two parts: the actual “bone” and its charging base.

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The bone, in the silicone prototype but from the material still under study, works like a real dog toy. “SmartOsso is conceived as a tool, a toy, for dogs to play and, in the meantime, collect saliva” Kaliot’s team explains to us “From this saliva sample we then analyze a whole series of information regarding the dog’s state of health”

“The bone conveys this information to a app on the owner’s smartphone. When there are certain levels of attention with respect to certain parameters, such as the pHhe warns us with some alert, ranging from telling us that our dog is fine today to telling us that instead it is appropriate to take him to the vet.” The base, on which the bone must be placed to carry out the analysis, also includes a infrared thermometer, with which it is possible to measure the temperature of the dog simply by pointing it behind the ear.

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The power of this product lies in the fact that it allows you to collect data useful for the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity and to share them with your veterinarian, who in any case remains central to the dog’s health: “SmartOsso does not replace the vetcollects only the information that a specialist then has to somehow evaluate.”

To give an example of a fully operational application: “My app tells me that my dog ​​has had a headache for a few days Saliva pH particularly acidicwhich could indicate the danger of a caries. I then send these data to my vet via email or via WhatsApp, who will be able to tell me, based on the measured data, whether or not my pet needs to undergo a thorough oral hygiene treatment.”

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Currently there are only prototypes of SmartOsso, on which Kaliot is still working together with various veterinarians to finalize the final shape (or shapes). There is therefore no definitive price yet, but we still have two fixed points, which correspond to the two parts that make up the product: on the one hand we have the base, which will be only one even for owners of several dogs, and on the other the bones, which will be unique to each dog and still need to be replaced periodically due to wear. The bone will therefore have a relatively low price, around ten euros, while the base will have a much higher price but not repeated over time.

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More information on SmartOsso and its commercial availability on the official website.