Smartphones and game consoles inspire millions of new gamers.

Games were more successful than ever in 2020, which is shown not least by the 32 percent increase in sales in Germany. The smartphone was able to benefit in particular from the gaming boom as a gaming platform: While mobile phones were already the most used devices for gaming with 19.5 million players in 2019, they were even able to extend their lead at the top last year: A total of 22.6 million people in Germany used their smartphones to play games, as game – the association of the German games industry announced today based on data from the market research company GfK. Game consoles were also able to inspire more gamers in 2020: their number increased by 1.1 to 17 million within a year. How popular game consoles were in 2020 also became clear when looking at the trade: Both Nintendo’s Switch, which has been available since 2017, as well as the two new models PlayStation 5 from Sony and Xbox Series X/S from Microsoft, which appeared towards the end of 2020 are sold out in many places. However, not every gaming platform was able to benefit equally from the gaming boom: the PC lost around 1.1 million players in Germany. With 15.2 million users, it only ranks third. Tablet computers were also less in demand among gamers: instead of 11.2 million, only 9.9 million of them used the flat touchscreen computers in 2020 to play

“Smartphones benefited particularly from the strong interest in games last year. The reason for this is clear: the devices are usually already available and the range of gaming apps is huge. In addition, most of the titles are offered as free-to-play games so that everyone can start playing quickly and free of charge,” says game Managing Director Felix Falk. “Games consoles also experienced a real hype in 2020: the great demand for devices could not be satisfied again and again. This applied to the Nintendo Switch, which has been on the market since 2017, as well as to the new PlayStation 5 from Sony and the Xbox Series X/S from Microsoft.”

German games market: Big leap in sales in 2020

Smartphones and game consoles inspire millions of new gamers

The German games market was able to record a significant jump in sales in the Corona year 2020: In total, sales of around 8.5 billion euros were achieved with computer and video games and the associated hardware, as game has already reported. This corresponds to growth of 32 percent compared to the previous year. Over 3.2 billion euros were turned over with games consoles, gaming PCs and the corresponding peripherals. That is an increase of 26 percent compared to 2019. The sub-market for computer and video games grew even faster: 5.2 billion euros were made with the purchase of games, in-game and in-app purchases, subscriptions and fees implemented for online services. This part of the market was thus able to grow by 36 percent compared to the previous year.

Information about the market data

Smartphones and game consoles inspire millions of new gamers

The market data mentioned are based on surveys by the GfK Consumer Panel. GfK uses survey methods to collect data from the German market for digital games that are unique in the world and qualitatively unique. These include, among other things, an ongoing survey of 25,000 consumers on their shopping and usage habits for digital games, which is representative of the entire German population, as well as a retail panel. The data collection methods allow a unique insight into the German market for computer and video games.