Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out and contains all the fighters we ever wanted in the game! So uhm… who will be the Season Pass DLC fighters? PeterKoelewijn scoured the internet for the latest rumors and wildest speculations!

What do we already know?

Smash Bros. Ultimate gets DLC. Nintendo has planned 5 packages of 6 euros each or 25 euros if you buy the Fighter Pass that contains all the content. Each package is good for 1 completely new character (no Echo Fighter), a new stage and of course accompanying music. Those who also register the game and link the Gold Points to their account before January 31, will get free access to a sixth new character: Piranha Plant, the enemy of the Super Mario games. This character will be available as a first download in February.

Smash Bros.  Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation

We also already know that Joker, the main character of Persona 5, will be the first Fighter of the Fighter Pass. No gameplay has been released yet but Nintendo wants to have all DLC out within a year, so expect it sometime in the spring.

Nintendo has established the selection

There are 100 million characters fans want to play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Masahiro Sakurai’s team gets all the requests on its roof. However, Sakurai has already confirmed that the DLC fighters are fixed. For the launch of the game, he set them together with the Nintendo Board of Directors. And as Joker proves, they can also be picked from non-Nintendo series too! Still, there are some hints and rumors from characters who may be making the switch to Smash.

Smash Bros.  Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation

Warning: The following info is entirely rumors and speculation. So take a good scoop of salt.

Steve from Minecraft?

Insiders enough for Smash and usually they are exposed in time by forum moderators as fakes. One person who has predicted everything correctly so far and even labeled the infamous Grinch leak as bullshit in advance is Vergeben. This illustrious Smash Bros. fan has georaked even more. According to his latest prediction, we can expect Steve from Minecraft in the game! The main character of the famous building game is also playable on Nintendo systems, so he already had that!

Smash Bros.  Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation

A second rumor from… is that Square Enix is ​​another character in Super Smash Bros. Gets. Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud is the only Sony representative so far, but there are many more Square heroes connected to Nintendo. However, Vergeben does not yet reveal exactly who we can expect. He claims that Square Enix is ​​internally distributing different names to pinpoint which department the culprit came from in a potential leak. Will it be a second FFVII character? Lara Croft from Tomb Raider? Or will fans finally be delighted with Geno from Super Mario RPG? Plenty of choices with Square Enix’s rich library.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the modified Mythra

This is a very interesting one and is an adjustment made to one of the Spirits in Smash Ultimate. Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has custom artwork where she wears tights and her breasts are completely covered. Fans initially thought it was to keep Smash’s rating family-friendly, but there are even more spirits of women in sexy clothes in the game that have not been modified. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 itself has also been updated to make the costume available in the RPG. What’s up?

Smash Bros.  Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation

It is strange to adjust a flat image, but it makes more sense if Nintendo plans to add a 3D model to the Smash. In the past, Sakurai has struggled with Palutena and Peach to make clothing ‘family friendly’. Smash’s popular Photo Mode allows you to view characters from many angles, including under the skirt. Is it possible that Nintendo is preparing to make Mythra a playable fighter or assist trophy? She could also team up as Blade with Rex, Xenoblade 2’s main character. Either way, the character has a lot of potential and many fans were disappointed that no Xenoblade fighter was added to Ultimate, apart from a Rex costume for Mii Swordfighter.

Fire Emblem Three Houses fighter?

What Nintendo likes to do with Smash Bros. DLC: Promote New Games! And one of the biggest 2019 releases will be Fire Emblem Three Houses. We don’t know much about this game yet, not even who all the main characters are – but given the large number of Fire Emblem fighters, chances are that Three Houses will be able to supply one of the DLC fighters.

The same logic can of course be applied to other 2019 releases from Nintendo. Animal Crossing Switch promotion with a playable Tom Nook? King Boo or E. Gadd from Luigi’s Mansion 3? Maybe even a new character from Metroid Prime 4? Speculate!

Smash Bros.  Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation

Banjo-Kazooie? Goku? Waluigi? Other characters from the Smash Ballot?

At the end of the Wii U DLC round, Nintendo announced a Smash Ballot where fans could vote which last character could be added to the roster. Bayonetta eventually won it, but there are indications that Sakurai used the Ballot to determine the Ultimate roster. King K. Rool and Ridley were in-demand additions to forums and have now finally made it to the game. Maybe Sakurai has a few more planned for DLC? It’s pretty much the only indication that a Waluigi or Goku still has a chance.

30 new characters ?!

Finally, a wild piece of speculation. No fewer than 30 open character slots have been discovered in Smash Bros. Ultimate! That would mean Nintendo could effortlessly add DLC fighters for years to come. Of course this is by no means a confirmation that Nintendo has a second season pass in store. On the other hand, the company has indicated that it wants to make new content longer for existing games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2. You bet that Smash will get DLC and patches for a long time!

So much for my thick sandwich with Smash Bros. Speculoos. Are you happy with the current roster? Or do you have some ideas for new fighters? Post them in the comments!

Smash Bros.  Ultimate DLC fighters rumors and speculation