Sniper Elite 4 announced for PS4, One and PC.

rebellion just announced the launch of sniper Elite 4. It will be set in the Second War world and will be released throughout this year for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Specifically, we will travel to the Italy of 1942. There karl fairburne will help the Italian Resistance to fight against Mussolini’s fascists. The game will run at 1080p on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and they promise us much larger scenarios than those we saw in the third part.

1943 Why is the date that appears at the beginning so important?
Well, it clearly sets the game in World War II, of course, but that year means more than that. Sniper Elite 4 is set in Italy, just after the North African conflict seen in Sniper Elite 3, and the yoke of fascism in the Mediterranean begins to fade.

The stalwart of the series enters the scene
Secret agent Karl Fairburne, who has arrived on the Italian peninsula before the Allied invasion. But what begins as an assassination mission soon turns into a race to uncover a conspiracy that could shatter the Alliance’s hopes of ever conquering the continent once and for all.

Sniper Elite 4 announced for PS4, One and PC

a divided country
The scenes at the beginning of the trailer show a city in the midst of war. The belongings of civilians are scattered around the quiet market square. We really wanted to mix postcard images with the creeping fear of something more sinister, because this is what makes the Italian conflict so interesting. There were a lot of sides fighting for the future of the country and they play an important role in both the narrative and the game!

A gigantic sniper sandbox
And what about the views at the beginning, with all those recognizable reddish Mediterranean roofs? They are a small part of a beautiful coastal city that constitutes only one region in one of the first levels of the game. Phew! All of the levels in the campaign are absolutely huge, several times larger than the ones you saw in Sniper Elite 3, and they took hours to complete even back then!

Sniper Elite 4 announced for PS4, One and PC

We wanted to emphasize that the images were not pre-rendered nor were they extracted from the video footage. What you see in the trailer comes from real environments that you will be playing in.

That railgun on the viaduct! Did you see Karl at the end? If you saw him, good for you: the environment around him makes him practically invisible! Surely you were also struck by the huge viaduct that can be seen in the background, in the distance.

Sniper Elite 4 announced for PS4, One and PC

As with the rest of the images, it is not just a set, but is taken from a real level in which the players will have to reach the viaduct and intercept that imposing rail gun. Of course, leaving the viaduct standing will depend on you and your explosives!

Well, we hope this has whetted your appetite and you are in the mood for more action and stealth sniping. There will be more news soon, so stay tuned!

Sniper Elite 4 announced for PS4, One and PC