Thirteen days separate us from November 19, the expected date for the arrival of PS5. That is why Sony wants us to know a little more about the secrets that its new machine keeps, which is why it has shared a series of videos that detail the user features and settings that we can configure on our device.

Of the three videos that have been published, the most striking is undoubtedly the one referring to the console settings. Thanks to him, we have been able to know that we will have access to variables of all kinds for games that are compatible, among which are: difficulty, camera in third or first person, performance modes, control, resolution, audio or text. As you can see in the video below, the possibilities that the PS5 is to our liking are very wide.

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The DualSense is also among the configuration options. We will can adjust the intensity of the haptic vibration and the resistance of the adaptive triggers, being able to eliminate them completely. There is also an impact on the issue of keeping the PS5 at rest; We can leave the console updating video games in this mode, turn it on with Remote Play or the PlayStation App and charge our mobile devices.

If we choose to allow the sleep mode to consume less power, we will lose access to mobile charging or the title update, although we gain in energy efficiency until consuming below 0.5 watts.

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Use of accounts and transfer our games

The other videos that have been shared have shed light on how we will have to move our data from PS4 to PS5. It is a simple process, similar to the one that can be done between two PS4 via a shared Wi-Fi network or an ethernet cable. There is also the option to use cloud save (exclusive to PS Plus subscribers) or a USB stick.

On the use of the account, it is reviewed step by step how to login to PS5 and the benefits of already having a PlayStation Network account, so that all our data, lists of friends or trophies will be transferred without problem to the new console that you can already reserve so as not to run out of it.

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Source : Gadgetsnow