One of the novelties that has attracted the most attention in analysis of PS5 that have started to surface this afternoon is the option to see how many hours we have invested in our games. An option that, until the arrival of PS5, it was impossible to review by other means.

Luckily it seems that the new console Sony has opened the doors to that possibility and, in addition to being able to see how many hours we have put in wells like Destiny since PS5We can also do it from third-party services such as Exophase.

The page, a kind of social network for the gaming community in which to keep track of all the trophies, achievements and statistics of your latest videogames on different platforms, from your own PSN until Steam.

What was previously relegated to whether or not the creators of the game decided to show it, is now available to everyone after the latest updates to the platform and, if you are curious to see how many hours have you been in your favorite gameSeeing it is as easy as creating an account on the platform and starting to pull your hair out. Much easier than reserving a PS5.

Source : Gadgetsnow

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