Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review.

If you know me personally, you know that I love sports very much. Personally I have played football for a long time and I have always been fond of the FIFA games. When I saw that a football game was going to be released that also got one of my favorite genres (namely RPG) mixed in, I became very happy. Now I have thoroughly checked the game Soccer Story now that it is on Xbox Game Pass and below you can read my findings of the game!

Now that the World Cup has just finished and the divisions have started again, it is of course a good time to pick up a football game because many people are completely into it again. As a football fan, you wouldn’t want the sport to be banned, would you? Exactly this is what Soccer Story’s story is all about. In the world of Soccer Story, soccer is therefore forbidden, but luckily you are there as the main character (boy or girl, the choice is yours). If you choose a boy, the girl will become one of your teammates. It is up to you as the main character to bring the story of Soccer Story to a successful conclusion.

One day the Calamity takes place an event that will change football as we know it forever. Soccer Inc. determines from that moment that playing football in the world will be banned. Except for a select group, there is no one left who is allowed to play football. Soccer Inc. still arranges football matches that everyone can watch, but otherwise it is forbidden to practice and play the sport. All former players of the teams have therefore stopped and have moved on to other ways to fill in their lives. So the story starts the moment you wake up at your mother’s house where a football flies through the window and it is up to you to put football back on the map with this magic ball and to save it from damnation. go get.

Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review

If you think you are dealing purely with a football game, you are wrong. Soccer Story is primarily an RPG in which you are exploring and undertaking side quests. In addition to the main storyline, you can also undertake many side quests that provide extra items and upgrades. The side quests mainly consist of finding objects and bringing them to a character to receive something nice again. Unfortunately, there are still many bugs in the game that prevent you from completing some missions in time or sometimes not at all until your game restarts. If you are not really concerned with side quests, you will not experience these problems, but if you want to get everything out of the game, you are sometimes swearing.

What makes Soccer Story unique is that there is enough variety in the game. It is a small world, but there is still plenty to do. Because you can also do side quests while playing football, there is a lot of variety. This ensures that you do not get bored quickly in the game and still want to keep going all the time. In the story you get early access to your team with which you can play the matches. You can upgrade yourself and your team by collecting coins that you can exchange for upgrade points. You can upgrade your characters on the following four points: speed, shooting, energy and strength.

Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review

Something that could have been worked out better are the football matches. The players behave strangely and do as they please. You don’t expect this from a game in which football should be central.


Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review

Soccer Story is a fun game to get through Xbox Game Pass, but paying full price for it would make me feel cheated. The game is not quite finished yet and has plenty of room for improvement. All in all a nice snack.

Soccer Story

Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review

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  • Story 7

  • graphics 5

    Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review
  • gameplay 5

  • sound 5

  • Replay 7

    Soccer Story ( Xbox Game Pass ) Review

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