A few years ago, researching a car online meant visiting the dealer’s website to get information before buying. That has changed. Dealers now follow potential buyers to their favorite platforms–where they like to hang out–to market to them. According to statistics, global internet users spend 144 minutes on social media every day.

Social Media for Car Dealers: How to Market Like a Pro

Considering that more than half of the global population uses social media, targeting car buyers on these platforms makes perfect sense for any dealership. Here are four tips on how to market your car dealership on social media like a pro.

Encourage and Respond to User Reviews

Nothing works magic in dealership marketing like positive testimonials. According to one report, more than 90% of car buyers read online reviews before visiting a dealership. Social media is a great place to encourage and monitor reviews. Customers can talk to you directly about their experience and get instant feedback. You can also offer timely responses to complaints by unhappy customers.

On social media, you can generate new reviews and control conversations. You can also import and post other positive reviews from websites to your social media pages and get more leads. Just ensure that as you encourage customers to share reviews on your social media pages, you also take time to read and respond to their concerns.

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Post Fresh Web Content

Social media marketing is more effective when used alongside other strategies. One of these strategies is content marketing. You can start an informational blog on your website about different topics, such as what to look for when buying used cars. This is a clever way to draw potential customers to your website to read content by your car dealership. Whenever you have a new article on your website, you can post its link on your social media platforms.

Use Multiple Platforms

Different people have their favourite social media platforms where they spend most of their time. Confining your social media marketing strategies to one platform will only limit your reach. Advertise on multiple social media platforms to reach people of different demographics.

For instance, Instagram is the perfect platform to target millennials and Gen Zers. Young people are more fascinated with pictures and videos and are more likely to get their news from such platforms. Starting a YouTube channel for car maintenance and simple repair tutorials is another great idea. But it’s worth mentioning that content that may work for one social media platform may not work on another.

Create Compelling Videos

Videos draw attention and make people feel more connected. People will easily scroll past a text-based post but pause to watch a video. Include short but quality videos in your social media posts to encourage clicks. It could be a short Facebook ad for a new vehicle or direct advertising.

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You can create an educational video with interesting information about car features or even give your customers a behind-the-scenes tour of your dealership. The more people see your videos, the more they’ll feel connected to your brand.

Social Media for Car Dealers: How to Market Like a Pro