Super Smash Bros. is not only one of the most popular fighting games ever, it is also a great opportunity to meet people.
Our favorite Big Boss clone couldn’t get off to a better start – he came into the game just as Samus debuted his Zero suit and it was impossible not to think they were destined to meet.
However, the dream turned into a nightmare, and Snake was kicked out of the game and had to watch Samus get paired up with others.
Now Snake is back to his old ways with characters he hasn’t seen in years and with a disappointing new booty.

Despite everything, he managed to get a date with Bayonetta herself.
And he shouldn’t have.

The VT team with the most modern and sophisticated spy equipment (with Pikmin with a GoPro) has obtained information about everything that happened at the meeting, so we will show you the conversation as it happened:

Bayonetta: You know? I was starting to expect people like you to come. People with whom you can have other types of conversations. With some more … adult concerns.
Snake: Yes it’s correct. I missed something like that when I was on Brawl. Don’t get me wrong, the guys around here are great but they’re too naive. Sorry I’m a bit nervous but I don’t want to be kicked out of the game again.
B: Don’t worry. Many things are going to happen tonight that no one else will see …

our Pikmin was starting to get nervous
S: The point, “Snake said while lighting a cigar,” is that you sound familiar to me. Haven’t we met before?
B: I don’t think so. I have a good relationship with Dante and he has spoken to me often about your universe because he knows Raiden, but you and I do not know each other.
S: Well, your face is very familiar to me. That hair, those … let’s see, take off your glasses? -Bayonetta was starting to get pissed off- no, the person who sounds familiar to me also wore glasses.
B: Well, it doesn’t matter, right? It will be an old acquaintance.
S: No. It’s more than that. He is a person who was very important in my life long ago. But for some reason I can’t remember it. It is as if it had been erased from my memory but I am sure it marked me at the time.
B: Okay, “Bayonetta said as she got up from the table,” if you don’t have your life in order, don’t get me into it. Call me when your ideas are clear.
S: Uy now that I see you so serious I remember more … could it be that that person you remind me of was a man? “

And that was already too much for Bayonetta, who has patience but everything has a limit. In a display of moves not seen since Smash4 patch 1.1.5, he proved that there is no nerf that can stop an angry witch.

Snake is currently in hospital. Doctor Mario himself has told us about his case:
“Well, it’s funny, because we fighters resist a lot. Snake himself has a style of play that is based on exploding together with his enemies and nothing usually happens to him.
But a storm of kicks, and all targeting the same area of ​​the body that I don’t want to say because it hurts to think about it … it gives me chills. “

Right now he is in very serious condition and seems to only say the word “Hideo”. We will keep you posted on how it is progressing.