[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?.

If you own an Android phone, then you have certainly faced the problem of having deleted your Android data by accident. However, unlike a PC, an Android smartphone does not have a recycle bin: it is therefore impossible to recover Android data deleted by accident! And if you hadn’t taken a backup then you think your files are lost permanently.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic! There are indeed several solutions to recover deleted Android file. In this article, we show you several solutions to restore your accidentally deleted Android files: Android recycle bin apps, but also reliable Android data recovery software that will work in most situations!

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

Is there a recycle bin on Android?

On computer, when you delete a file by accident, you have recycle bin option: just recover your deleted file from recycle bin and you can restore it without any problems. But on Android, you won’t find a recycle bin. Indeed, Android phones don’t have recycle bin installed by default because that would take a lot of storage space! So deleted files on Android are not moved to the recycle bin and you will not be able to recover them.

Where is the deleted data from Android phone?

However, the deleted data must end up somewhere! To recover deleted Android file, the action to take often depends on the application used. An email deleted by accident, for example, will be in your email trash, while a photo deleted from your Cloud album can be restored. However, if you do not have a third party recycle bin on your Android, other types of files, such as files in your Android gallery (images, videos, documents…), will disappear permanently when you delete them. It will take install an android recycle bin on your phone, which several applications allow.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

Can we get a recycle bin for Android?

It is possible to get Recycle Bin for Android to recover your deleted Android files. Indeed, there are Android data recovery apps.

Dumpster Bin

Dumpster app allows you to install Android Recycle Bin to restore your deleted Android files. The operation of this Android recycle bin is similar to that of a computer recycle bin: any deleted file will automatically go to the recycle bin. From Dumpster Recycle Bin, you will be able to view deleted Android file and restore it. With Dumpster, you can recover several kinds of deleted Android files: images, documents, audio, video, APK files, HTML pages … You have the possibility to configure an infinite storage time or an automatic emptying of the recycle bin after a time.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

Dumpster has a free version with ads and a paid version without ads, at $ 2.99. To download Dumpster, click here.

Recycle Bin – Android recycle bin app

Recycle Bin app is another Android recycle bin app. It works like an archive. You have several options, to choose directly from the file you want to delete: “Send to the recycle bin” (sometimes “Open with the recycle bin”), or “Permanently delete the file” if you do not want to store it in the recycle bin. Android Recycle Bin transition. Restoring deleted Android file from Recycle Bin is then done with one click.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

Recycle Bin is a free application. To download Recycle Bin, click here.

The advantage of Android trash can apps is that they will function as a Mac or Windows recycle bin and are therefore intuitive to use. But disadvantageis that they take up storage space on your Android phone, and some types of files (contacts, Android messages, WhatsApp files) cannot be recovered.

How to recover deleted files from Android?

To recover deleted files from Android phone without the inconvenience of Android Recycle Bin apps, you can resort to Tenorshare UltData for Android PC software.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

This very easy-to-use software will allow you to restore any type of Android file deleted by accident, regardless of the type of file (photos, documents, contacts, SMS, notes, call history, etc.). Unlike Android Recycle Bin apps, UltData for Android software is very comprehensive and above all very reliable, since it has one of the highest recovery success rates for this type of app.

To recover deleted Android files, follow the next steps:

Step 1 Download and install the software on your Windows PC or Mac, then launch it.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

2nd step Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable. In order for your device to be recognized by the computer, you may need to disable USB debugging.

Step 3 The software will then show all recoverable Android files: scan and preview the files you lost and want to restore.

Step 4 Set a storage location for the recovered files on your computer and start recovering all the data you need by clicking “Recover”. The recovery is done safely.

Compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets (Android 10/9/8 systems and earlier versions), it can recover your files regardless of the cause of their loss (deletion by mistake, broken screen, system crash, etc.) and whatever their initial location (SD / TF card, internal memory, application, etc.)

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

Now you know how to find recycle bin on Android phone

While Android Recycle Bin apps are a solution to install a transitional Android Recycle Bin, to avoid deleting Android files and regret it after; UltData for Android software provides you with an even more complete solution to reliably and securely restore any type of file, regardless of the cause of deletion.

How to empty the trash on an Android smartphone

Are you frustrated that you cannot empty the recycle bin on your Android smartphone or tablet? No matter how hard you search your smartphone, this damn trash can still be found. This nightmare will now be just a bad memory.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

The computer wastebasket

Not a day goes by without the agonizing question of Android recycle bin does not come back to the mat. But where is she hiding? On a PC, no problem. It sits proudly on the Windows desktop.

Besides, who has never used their computer’s recycle bin? Just double-click on its icon to find the list of all deleted files. As with a classic trash can, it is then possible to go and recover any of these items.

This system is very practical. You can very easily go and find a file that you have accidentally deleted. To do this, all you have to do is place your mouse over the last name and click on the restore option.

Its usefulness is no longer to be demonstrated. This feature has become one of the essential elements of computers. A mistake happened so quickly. It is better to have additional security. Those who have lost very important files know what I am talking about.

Where is the Android recycle bin hidden?

Obviously most Android users cannot imagine being deprived of such a tool for a moment. And yet this is the sad reality. Unlike computers, Android smartphones and tablets do not have a recycle bin.

No need to waste your time in the various menus of your phone. You won’t find anything. You should know that on a mobile all files are permanently deleted device memory. For example, it is impossible to recover a photo deleted by mistake. This is likely to give you a cold sweat.

If you find yourself in this situation, be aware that there are still some techniques to recover your precious documents. For this you will need to use a data recovery software.

If you want more information on how they work, I invite you to consult this tutorial: recover your photos and files deleted by mistake. But beware the results are not guaranteed.

[SOLVED] : Android recycle bin – where is the recycle bin on Android?

Create a recycle bin on your mobile

Each new version of Android comes with additional functions, but still no recycle bin. While waiting for Google to correct this shortcoming, you have the option of installing an application on your device that will act as a recycle bin.

For those who would be interested in this solution, you just have to go to the Play Store and download the Dumpster app. You can find the configuration procedure here: add a recycle bin to Android

Once configured, this device will allow you to recover a document deleted by mistake. No more anxiety when clicking on the trash can icon. You will be able to sleep soundly. The virtual recycle bin will store all your old files for you so that you can retrieve them later.