The iPhone 12 have been available for several weeks now, and user feedback is generally quite positive. If the four new Apple smartphones do not completely revolutionize the genre in terms of design, they indeed offer totally disproportionate power and they are served both by a quality screen and by a particularly convincing photo module.

On the other hand, several users report problems relating to their battery.

It’s no secret, but iPhones have never been known for their battery life. At least the old models.

Battery problems on some iPhone 12s

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have indeed corrected most of the problems of their predecessors, with an autonomy that could reach two days without too much difficulty for the larger model – model including the test awaits you at this address.

For the new generation, the results are a little more mixed. The iPhone 12 Mini, tested by us here, struggles to last more than a day. For their part, the iPhone 12 (tested here) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (tested there) are doing a little better, without being dazzling either.

But the problem encountered by these famous users is on a whole other level.

Indeed, as reported by our colleagues from 9to5Mac, users report serious battery problems when their phone is on standby. The autonomy of their iPhone 12 is as if drained, with a drop in autonomy that can reach 40% in the worst cases. And this even when WiFi and 5G are turned off.

More worrying, in all, the testimonies number in several thousand, and this as much on the specialized forums as on Reddit and the other social platforms. It would therefore not be an isolated problem and limited to a few users.

As of yet, no one has been able to pinpoint the source of the malfunction yet, but iOS 14 seems to be a good culprit. In any case, it is a hope. A software problem is indeed easier to correct than a hardware failure.

Still, for the moment, those affected will have to take their troubles patiently. Apple has not yet communicated on the subject.

On our side, and after a quick tour of the table, it seems that we have done quite well. No problem has been spotted on our iPhone 12s.

iPhone 12: concerns of spontaneous battery drain reported by users


The fourth smartphones from the range iPhone 12 are available in France and the first problems are already starting to rise. Thus, the battery seems to be a serious concern for some users …

And for the moment, no solution has been communicated by Apple.

A battery that discharges even in standby mode

When released in recent weeks, the various iPhone 12s have been praised by critics for their excellent performance, but also for their beautiful OLED display. The part reserved for the photo is not left out either. However, a negative point has often been underlined: the somewhat weak autonomy of the mobiles. And it is precisely the battery that seems to be playing tricks on some owners of the Apple brand’s smartphone.

Indeed, several messages posted on Apple forums or on Reddit explain that the iPhone 12’s battery drains very quickly when it is in sleep mode, with Wi-Fi and 5G disabled. Over a thousand people have reported a similar problem in recent hours. In the middle of the night, the phone can lose between 20 and 40% of autonomy (about -4% per hour on average) without any functionality being activated.

iOS responsible?

So how to overcome this inconvenience that requires you to recharge the phone regularly? It is impossible to know for the moment because Apple has not detected any technical problems on its iPhone 12 during internal tests. At the moment, several internet users assume that this is a software bug and point the finger at iOS 14. The good news is that a simple patch should fix the problem.

In the meantime, we will have to deal with this major drawback that no conventional manipulation (cutting off background applications, Bluetooth, internet connection, etc.) can stem for the moment. We just have to wait until a hypothetical corrective is put online.


Some iPhone 12s affected by battery issues

They would discharge particularly quickly when they are on standby.

Apple’s new smartphones are once again the subject of criticism from their new owners. Several of them complain that the battery of their iPhone 12 drains excessively quickly, even when they are not using them.

According to the various testimonials posted on the apple forum, But also elsewhere, the problem would arise even when no greedy app is open in the background. Several users have tried to remedy the problem by disconnecting their smartphone from wifi and 4G, without result. Their battery always drains just as quickly in standby mode.

If the concern seems to concern only the new smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro would be the main affected by the battery problem. Owners say it discharges almost 4% per hour, which is a lot, especially for a brand new smartphone.

Several owners indicate that they have contacted Apple’s after-sales service. Unfortunately, the latter was unable to help them. The problem would not be material. The explanation would therefore be at the level of the current version of the operating system of the iPhone. We just have to wait for Apple to release a new update, hoping that it fixes the problem.

Since their release, the new iPhones have encountered several problems, including issues with receiving text messages, as well as their screen turning yellow. Fortunately, most of the concerns have been corrected by Apple through a simple update. Patience, therefore.

iPhone: battery issues caused by iOS 14.2?


As early as last week, we told you about this flood of comments from unhappy Apple customers. Some iPhone 12 Pro owners deplore a problem with the battery of the new device. Clearly, it would discharge abnormally when the phone is on standby.

Problems noted when entering messages

According to iPhoneHacks, the concern would be more global and would concern other smartphones from the Cupertino company. It could be related to the latest iOS 14.2 update although the exact reason for this malfunction is unknown. Like last week, users have reported excessive battery discharge. One of them clarified: “Same problem on 6S but worse. The battery was 80% discharged during a half hour call yesterday. Battery life has never been so bad on this device. “

On Reddit, u / Y YaaasssPoodle further lamented, “I have a new battery for my 7 as a month before the update. Now I have to charge my phone again at work at noon. “

Finally, other customers have noticed a lag in typing on the Messages application. The concern is said to be so significant that it forced several of them to reset their devices.

As always in such a case, we must be careful before these problems are identified and the Cupertino company says more about it. In the past, Apple has been accused of restricting the battery of iPhones following an iOS update. A long judicial sequence followed and it is still not completed.