[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant.

Old King Allant is the final boss of the Boletarian Palace. He’s also one of the toughest bosses in all of Demon’s Souls. This fight will test everything you have learned so far and punish you harshly for your mistakes. That being said, with the right tools and the right strategy, you can beat it.

Demon’s Souls – How to Defeat Old King Allant

Old King Allant is extremely aggressive, hardly ever giving you a chance to heal or attack. Knowing your openings is the key to overcoming it. It only has 3 true openings: after its charged explosion, dash, or jump attack.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

Old King Allant’s most powerful absolute counterpower is spell protection. Protection reduces all physical damage taken by 70% for 40 seconds. If you use it, be sure to remelt it every 40 seconds when it runs out. You can learn protection from Sage Freke after defeating Penetrator in World 1-3.

He also has several attacks that come out almost instantly. For this reason, the first thing to do is to always keep your distance.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

Don’t back away too far though, as you should still be able to interrupt his Charge Blast attack. You will know when he starts doing this when his sword starts to glow and he points it towards the ground.

At this point, you have to make a decision: do you discontinue the charge or run away? If you decide you’re not close enough to hit and interrupt him, run as far away from him as you can. The area of ​​effect of its charge explosion covers a huge radius.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

You also need to constantly monitor his dash attack.

He’ll raise his sword above his head before instantly charging you across the room. Its dashboard can be scoured with the right timing or blocked with a powerful shield. Immediately after dodging or blocking, strafe behind him and counterattack.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

Because we keep our distance, we will constantly see both of these attacks from him, so keep them in mind.

Its close range attacks are extremely dangerous. Not only do they come out incredibly fast, but they almost always end up with a projectile from a distance. For this reason, you must be constantly prepared to dodge the projectile at the end of its combos. Remember not to get too greedy, as he has a lot of attacks that happen almost instantly and do insane damage – namely his sword strike and return attack.

Another attack to watch out for is his signature move: Soul Suck. The second you see the old king’s hand Going to start to shine, you need to ride as fast as possible. If he lands Soul Suck, he will drain a soul level from your character. Permanently. Yes really.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

Not only does this de-level you, but it also deals massive damage.

Old King Allant Cheese Strategy

If you are absolutely fed up with old King Allant, there is a method to kill him without even fighting him. However, this method is very time consuming.

All you need is the Poison Cloud spell and the Ring Thief. You can learn Poison Cloud from Sage Freke after defeating Leechmonger in World 5-1.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

You can get the ThiefRing by either finding it in World 1-1 where Ostrava was trapped or by killing Patches.

With these items equipped, enter the fog of the boss and wait for him to turn his back on you before going up the stairs. Then carefully climb up and throw Poison Cloud at him.

You should see him poison himself and his health slowly depleting. As soon as you stop hearing the poison’s sound effect and see its health stop depleting, relaunch Poison Cloud. You will have to do this six times before he finally dies.

After defeating old King Allant, you will receive the False King’s Demon Soul. This soul can be used to create one of the most powerful weapons in the game: the Northern Regalia.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant


In this part of the guide Demon’s Souls Remake, find out how to beat the boss Old King Going in the King’s tower.

This boss is very fast and very powerful. To defeat him, you have to learn his different attacks and try to react quickly. Only attack or heal him between two of his powerful attacks. If he raises his sword, the Old Going King will rush in your direction (pictures1and2): dodge to the side to avoid the blow. He can also jump (picture3): roll just before impact.


[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant



If he makes several blows (picture4), dodge several times without trying to retaliate. Prefer to stay on the side so as not to suffer his attacks from a distance.


It is very important to dodge two other attacks:
1- When he plants his weapon in the ground (picture5), you can either run in his direction to hit him, and thus cancel this attack, or move away so as not to suffer the explosion (picture6).



2- When his left hand turns blue, he grabs you, inflicts a lot of damage on you and removes a level from you, as well as the last statistic you chose (pictures7and8). It is quite difficult to avoid this attack because it requires good timing: if you roll right before it hits you, you can avoid it.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant



Demon’s Souls: How to beat the False Boss King

The demon bosses in Demon’s Souls are the most difficult and stressful part of the whole affair. Refueling souls in the scene before you have to prove yourself against a giant foe with a massive health bar to match is almost always a daunting task.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls: How to Beat Old King Allant

But don’t worry, in this Demon’s Souls guide, we’ll walk you through breaking down each of the bosses in the game and how best to approach them. Take a deep breath, take a look at the tips below, and do your best to have fun and have fun with the boss challenge.

How to beat the false king in Demon’s Souls

This guy is a doozy of an archdemon. This will likely be the last boss you face before the game’s finale, and it will probably have to indicate how you should use all possible advantages against him. There’s no easy way around him, and he doesn’t have any significant weaknesses, you’ll just have to face this old king.

It almost goes without saying that you will probably die of Old King Going the first time, and (if you’re like us) probably the first twenty times! This is actually the best way to defeat Old King Allant: learning his movement and demeanor inevitably dying against him over and over again while remaining steadfast in your efforts.

When you die to him, you will unfortunately have to face the Blue Dragon again. That is, unless you manage to kill the Blue Dragon, in which case it will disappear for good and lead your way back to the Old King for another much less dangerous attempt.

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive et Dodge

Old King Allant’s attacks are almost universally vicious – they hit like a truck and they are fast. Its damage output is so high that blocking won’t do you much good as it will hit through your stamina bar regardless of your stamina. Because of its raw damage potential, your best bet is to dodge like crazy.

Well, not like total lunatic, mind you – you’ll have to time and position your dodges very carefully to exploit the small openings in the old king’s defenses. He’ll take a brief break after his heavier attacks, and those breaks are your only sure-fire opportunity to jump into a few attacks. Be careful and make sure you have the stamina to dodge and put some distance between the two of you so that you can better react to anything he might do next.

Don’t let it charge

Occasionally, Old King Allant will stop in his tracks and begin charging a downward attack. You’ll want to keep an eye on this one and always be prepared for it, as you’ll need to act almost immediately when it starts charging. When fully charged, Allant will unleash a massive area-of-effect attack with a range so large it’s almost ridiculous.

You’ll have to quickly sprint across the room to be completely out of reach. Try to keep a spatial awareness of the combat arena, always keeping in mind which direction you need to rush in if you see it starting to charge.

However, if you’re only a few steps away from him once you see him start charging that huge blue light beneath him, he can be interrupted quite easily with one or two attacks. Not only will this save you from having to run halfway down the hall, but it’s also a great way to get some free shots.

Look for her glowing blue hand

If you see the Old King bring his hand back and see it start to glow, get out of there. It’s his Soul Drain special attack that will bring your character down an entire level if they log in – he’s the only enemy in the game who can do that.

It’s pretty clearly wired and not too hard to dodge, but you’ll want to stay out of its way. It goes without saying that going down an entire level isn’t great, especially at the end of the game where each level increase costs a large sum of souls.

Old King Allant’s Rewards

Knocking down old King Allant will provide you with:

  • 75,500 souls
  • Evil Soul of the False King

Are you one of those people who are so good at Demon’s Souls that you can beat King Allant with a blindfold? Let us know how easy Demon’s Souls really is in the comments below. Check out the rest of our Demon’s Souls guide for help with some of the other elements of Demon’s Souls that aren’t as difficult as this fight.