10. Don’t let go of the steak!

Frankly, I admit it to you, during my first contacts with the saga souls Almost 10 years ago, I went there as a dilettante, and I suddenly got angry very quickly. It was only when I came back to it a few months later that I understood the concept and the interest of the thing. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that this game brings.

And once the first Boss is defeated after many attempts, it even becomes a hard drug. Me, it’s been almost 10 years that I can not stop! Soon your turn? In any case, with these few tips, you will be better prepared!

Beginner Tips: Demon’s Souls

Among the headlines coming out of PlayStation 5 is the remake of Demon’s Souls from Bluepoint Games. After all, Spider-Man: Miles Morales isn’t the only game that deserves attention. Obviously, since the time the series has existed, many of you already know that this title is not for everyone. But with so little to eat, why not give it a go? If it’s not done now, it never will be, right? But before you embark on the adventure, perhaps a few tips could give you a boost, just to start well? So here are some tips for Demon’s Souls!

Please note that I do not consider myself to be a specialist in the game in any way. I have played all of FromSoftware’s difficult games as well as the original Demon’s Souls and there are a few things that can quickly help anyone starting the genre now. No tips here will make you an expert or tell you where to go systematically. They will be used only for the purpose of making the first moments less painful. At least I hope so.

The class choice

We are starting and already a choice to be made which could be difficult. Which class to choose? Know that your starting choice does not influence how you want your character to be in the future. Each of the skill points can be awarded as you see fit in your adventure. But for someone new to Demon’s Souls, is there one choice that makes more sense than another?

In my opinion, yes. You know, in life, having too much is like having not enough. And it is kind of the case when we play this game for the first time. For your first game, it would be better to stop at one of the following two classes: Knight or Royalty.

Why these two? For the Chavalier, this is the starting point par excellence. Absolutely all the stats are similar which makes this the versatile class to start with. He comes with full equipment including a sword, armor and shield so perfect for learning the basics of the game. Plus, he can do magic pretty quickly if you want to. Its only flaw: it is slower because of the weight it carries on it. For the Royalty, it is the starting magic spell that makes the difference here. This spell allows you to keep enemies at bay and better understand the mechanics of the game while being safe. In addition, a weapon is given to him immediately. In short, you can come back to the other classes later, once you are familiar with the game.

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Patience is the order of the day

The best tip for Demon’s Souls, we can’t say it enough, but patience is your ally. This aspect applies in absolutely everything of the game. To begin with, you should never be the one who makes the first move in front of the enemy, at least until you know its mechanics. Because each enemy has its own unique moves, you must learn and understand them before you land the first attack. This is why the basic equipment is so important.

Once you understand how they act, it’s time to attack. Now that this element is mastered, the same must be done with the environment. There is no point in running around in Demon’s Souls, especially because of the many traps in our path. An unexpected hole, an enemy lurking in a corner, the many obstacles in Demon’s Souls could get the better of you. This is why you should always be vigilant, unless you know the environment in which you are. And even.

Because one of the other common mistakes in Demon’s Souls is to want to go too quickly to find your precious souls that you have just lost. This particular currency is worth its weight in gold and we often want to get them back as quickly as possible. However, you should know that the path will be the same as before. With the enemies back. If they were a threat the first time, why wouldn’t they be the second time? Yes, you now know how they act and move, but it’s often times that you’re overconfident. And that we lose our souls permanently. So be patient.

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External help

Although Demon’s Souls is above all a solo adventure, know that you can have help from other players at any time, as long as you are connected to the Internet. And this help comes in two forms. Even a third if you wish.

The first appears as messages on the floor. These messages that we see from the start and which serve as a tutorial also serve to warn other players of possible dangers, secrets and articles that are in the game. You can therefore take the time to read his messages which will tell you a lot. on what will come before you. But beware! Not all players are likable, so a person can leave a message that contains a lie. Yes, the human race is made that way.

The second form is blood stains on the floor. Once you touch his bloodstains, you see the last seconds of another player’s life. These pictures can tell you a lot about what could happen to you if you are not careful. So take the trouble to do this, especially when you see a lot of it. If there are several, it is because a great danger is about to arise.

Finally, you can also play online with friends. While this was not the case in the original game, the developers have brought this functionality to this Demon’s Souls as was the case in Dark Souls 3. I still advise you to try the adventure for yourself. to begin. It’s more rewarding.

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New for PlayStation 5

It would be difficult to ignore a novelty that was not there before on the Sony console. This novelty consists of tips that are included in the games. Yes, you read that right! When you press your PS button on your controller, you have icons that open that can give you hints on the next step to take in order to move forward in the game. For Demon’s Souls, the developers have included a lot of these short videos that can make a difference for an amateur player of the series. So don’t be afraid to use them when the need arises. In order to easily identify it, you will be able to see a small bulb on the icons. If you are to venture into Demon’s Souls for the first time, any help you can get is welcome. There is no embarrassment in that.

Make the worlds in what order?

Last tip for Demon’s Souls that could make a huge difference. In this game, once you beat the first boss, you will have a choice which world you want to go to. And this is where it can seem insecure at first. Because we quickly wonder if we should make the worlds in a certain order or not. For your information, know that you can go there in the order you want, no problem. But the fact remains that it is undoubtedly preferable to do them in a certain order because of the difficulties which may arise before us.

Demon’s Souls is built a bit like Super Mario Bros. Yes, I did say Super Mario Bros in the same post as Demon’s Souls! When you successfully defeat a boss, think of it as a new section unfolding in front of you. Which makes, for example, the worlds look like 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1 and so on. First the world, second the sub-section of this world. For your first part, I advise you to always do the first subsections before continuing in the world. So what would look like this: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 and so on. the only exemption being the 1-2 which can be done immediately after the 1-1 if you wish.

Again, this is not a requirement. Go as you see fit. But it will probably be easier if you follow this order.


Here! These are little tips on Demon’s Souls that are worth mentioning for the novice adventurer that you are. Hopefully this will make the game less difficult for you and they will make your experience more accessible. Because at the risk of repeating it, Demon’s Souls is a game that deserves a lot of attention. If you are persistent, you will be able to see it.

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