[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online.

Demon’s Souls for PS5 is currently out and as more players get started, the online community will continue to grow over time. Although there is a large component online, it is not really that simple, especially if you are new to “Souls” games. Once you have it, you will be able to play almost the entire game in co-op with your friends. Here’s how to play co-op online in Demon’s Souls for PS5.

Demon’s Souls PS5 Online Co-op How To Unlock Online Game

In order to unlock the game online, you will have to go through the first section of the game on your own.

[SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online
  • When you launch the game, make sure to launch it in online mode.
  • Find and defeat the boss Phalanx. This is the first boss without tutorial in the game and it is impossible to miss it.
  • Return to the Nexus.
  • Find and talk to the Monumental upstairs.
  • After a long cutscene, go back down and talk to the girl in black.
  • She will give you a blue stone for the eyes.
  • Now that you have the Blue Eye Stone, you can put down your Summoning Sign and start playing co-op.

    Online Co-op Demon’s Souls PS5 How to Co-Summon and Summon

    You will need to be in a certain level range to play with your friends. You can summon another player within 10 levels of you plus or minus an additional 10%. For example, if you are level 50, you can summon someone level 35-65. You can only summon someone in human form, while you can only place your summoning sign in soul form. Plan accordingly.

    [SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online
  • When you’re ready to play with friends, use your blue stone to place your summoning sign.
  • Your sign will now begin to appear in the worlds of other players online.
  • To make sure that only your friends see your sign, you can set a password by going to Settings.
  • Then go to Network.
  • Now set a password. Your friends will need to set the same password.
  • Demon’s Souls is one of the best PS5 launch games and is out now. This remake also features an ambitious photo mode with many different settings.

    Demon’s Souls PS5: Our 10 tips for getting started and surviving the medieval apocalypse!

    Demon’s Souls has just landed in all the great creameries, on PS5 exclusively, and here are some tips that might help you if you decide to take the plunge for the first time with a Souls-Like. Here, it’s the first of its kind revisited, and a little help won’t hurt you!

    [SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online

    Demon’s Souls is not an easy game, far from it. He is a worthy representative of the Souls Family, a series of titles renowned for their difficulty, and the one that interests us today * i will not be left out at this level … Here are some tips to be enjoyed without moderation in order to help you a little if ever this was your first experience of its kind: courage, it’s worth it!

    1. Choosing the right starting class

    If this choice is not, in the long run, very important, it can save your life at the beginning if it is therefore your first experience in a Souls. And if this is the case, we advise you to take a magician or a member of the royal family: their ranged attack spells are quite formidable and easily compensate for the lack of protection or strength they offer. And anyway, from your first level passes, you can choose to drop the magic, to be satisfied with the starting spell and to improve your melee attack strength, to obtain a character with various abilities and explosive.

    [SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online

    2. Your new credo: observation and anticipation

    Whether it is against a boss, or even against the zombies from the very beginning who can become formidable in numbers, you must first of all observe well and not rush headlong. Watch out for enemy attacks, learn to recognize which one your opponent will launch based on their animation, and act accordingly. It is often said that the best defense is attack, but in a Souls, it is better to let the enemies come to you and then counter-attack at the slightest opening …

    3. Good use of the shield and the stamina gauge

    In one Souls, you have an endurance gauge that manages a bit of everything: dodge, run, attack, defense. It empties very quickly, and if you have just typed, you may not have enough to defend yourself … You will therefore have to watch it. And above all, keep some to protect yourself! We simply advise you to pace the game in its entirety with a shield in the high position. It is an essential item. A lost arrow or a hidden enemy can be fatal. And beware, with the shield in the air, stamina recharges less quickly!

    4. Prepare well for combat

    Regularly, you will find yourself in the harbor of healing grass. We’ll have to go and farm the potions. For this, we recommend two spots: from the start, you can go to the coast of the Archstone of Shadows, and kill the first four skeletons with a chain with a magical power of fire (because you have followed the advice number 1!). You will earn around 1000 souls per minute, and in a short time, you will have enough to go back to the vendor to buy your potions (or level up). And if you’ve got a bit advanced in the game, there is a better spot. In 1-3, go back a little bit after defeating the Knight of the Tower, and shoot down the two blue-eyed knights: They ALWAYS drop two half-moon grasses each. In 5 minutes, we can have a large stock, and in addition, a few souls (each knight gives 400) …

    [SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online

    5. Understand the trend of worlds and the ghost / human state.

    Demon’s Souls offers a trend of worlds. Some actions can make them bright, and others, darker. Needless to say, if this is your first game, you don’t want a world to go dark: new and even more powerful enemies are invading the map! To change the trend in the clear, you have to do good deeds, like farting a Boss, for example.

    And it is especially important to avoid that it goes into a dark version. To do this, you have to pay attention to the status of your character. In human form, after defeating a Boss or consuming a pair of Ephemeral Eyes, you have more health for sure. You can also summon another player to ask for help. Two significant advantages but which are not without drawbacks: you can be invaded by another player who wants to steal your human form, but also, if you die in a world as a human, you increase the latter’s dark tendency!

    So here’s our advice: After you defeat a boss or regain human form in any way, go to the Nexus and kill yourself. You will regain your ghost form which prevents the tendency of worlds to go dark. You won’t be able to summon anyone, but it’s more secure. And if you run out of life, go find the sticky ring in the first level, after the first shortcut, it gives you 3/4 of the gauge instead of half!

    [SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online

    6. Call in a teammate!

    If you get stuck, this is your 12th attempt, try to spot the blue marks on the ground in front of a boss door. They have been submitted by another player, who offers to help! Two against a powerful enemy, it almost becomes cheating. On the other hand, be careful, to invoke help, you must be in human form. And so, if you lose despite the help of your companion, you will change the tendency of the world towards the dark … A risk to be calculated despite everything.

    7. Watch your line and weight

    In Demon’s Souls, you must pay attention to the weight of your equipment. The more you have, the faster you move and the less useful your dodge is. If you’re playing a tank that’s fine, but for an agile wizard or assassin that’s very important. A slight lack of speed and death is assured. So don’t pack more than you need, and pay attention to the weight of your stuff!

    8. Choose the right equipment according to its statistics

    The basic characteristics of a weapon are not the only ones to follow. In addition to the requirements, most swords have another bonus statistic, based on strength or dexterity. Take this into account when making your choices, depending on your character!

    9. Explore, everything, everywhere

    Demon’s Souls Even though it is a more linear game than its predecessors, it is nonetheless full of secrets and many nooks and crannies with hidden treasures. Take the time to explore everything, from top to bottom: You will probably find an item that will make you happy …

    [SOLVED] : Demon’s Souls on PS5: How to Play Part One Co-op Online

    Is that so ?!