[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?.

The icons of Android applications are not always the best effect, especially since the manufacturers do not hesitate to modify them, sometimes making them even uglier than at the origin. Fortunately, there are more and more possibilities to give them a new look. Follow the leader.

If you don’t like Google’s new icons, you might want to change some. For some, this problem can be circumvented by using the theme manager natively integrated into their phone or tablet, but not all manufacturers offer one, and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. You might as well opt for a more personal approach, then.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

For those who have an alternative launcher like Nova or Apex, it is possible to change the icons from its settings, but for others, the solution is sometimes even simpler and is called Awesome icons. This app, however, only creates new shortcuts on the home screen and therefore does not work with all interfaces that do not have an app drawer. This alternative is therefore intended for those who tire of the icons of TouchWiz (Samsung) or Sense (HTC) to name a few, rather than EMUI (Huawei, Honor) and MIUI (Xiaomi).

Awesome icons therefore allows you to modify the icon of any application from an existing pack, an image in your phone’s memory or even a photo. And all in just a few clicks!

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?


After downloading the app, launch it and go directly to the Get more icons section of the menu (which opens by swiping your finger to the right from the left edge of the screen). Here, a selection of packs is offered to you, but you can find even more, whether free or paid, by clicking on the Search the market option.

You can then change the icon of each application one by one through the Quick Start section. In it is a list of all your applications, leaving you each time the choice between the different dedicated icons available in your library. To apply one, you just have to click on it, then in the following window click on OK after having optionally chosen an alternative name in the Label box.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

If no pack icon suits you, you can go even further by selecting the camera to take a photo of your future icon, or the board to select an image from your gallery. The rest of the manipulation remains the same.

Note that once your shortcuts have been created, you can move them freely on your different screens or on your dock. Also, they will persist even after uninstalling icon packs and Awesome icons.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

How to change the name of a folder or icon in MIUI

We show you the different ways that you can use to personalize your Xiaomi mobile.

The custom layer of MIUI which comes in the mobiles of Xiaomi allows us to change the look of virtually any element on our screen without complications. The latest update of MIUI 12 has brought a lot of news and changes in the visual aspect.

Among the things that give us the freedom to modify the layer MIUI they meet folders and icons, in application Topics we can find an infinity of them, in addition to being able to install icon packs from the Google Play Store.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

MIUI 12, one of the more recent versions of Xiaomi’s personalization layer.

The advantage of having MIUI is that we can create different folders to group applications and install icon packs no need to download a third-party launcher.

Xiaomi adds a very useful function in MIUI 12: this is how the sound assistant is used

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

Rename the folders or create a new one

You can rename a folder or “stack” icons to create a new one.

As we have already mentioned, the personalization layer of MIUI allows us to change the visual aspect of our mobile office.

To customize it to our liking, we can rename folders found on the desktop or create a new in which to group different applications.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

If you want rename an already created folder, what you need to do is:

  • Touch the folder to open it.
  • to push on current name.
  • Enter the new name and press save.
  • Tap a free area of ​​the desktop to finish.

For create a new folder what you need to do is drag the icon of one app onto the icon of another that you want to group together, doing so immediately a folder will be created which will contain the icons of all the applications you want to group together. What you need to do next is place a man by following the same steps that we have already mentioned.

How to change an icon in MIUI

There are several ways to customize icons in MIUI.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

The safest way to do this is to use the The subjects which is already installed and owned by MIUI, it works safely and nimbly.

For change application icons Topics you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the app The subjects and choose the one you like.
  • Once the theme is downloaded, you can choose to use the full theme or just the icons.
  • To use the icons only, tap the icon at the bottom right of Profile.
  • To go Icons and choose the ones that match the theme you downloaded earlier.

Download a theme and choose only icons, then apply them.

The new icons for the theme you chose to download will now be available on your desktop.

How to apply an icon pack without installing a launcher

It is also possible to install icon packs in the MIUI Launcher that the mobiles of Xiaomi come installed by default.

To do this we will need the help of an application that allows us modify installed themes.

One of the apps that we can find in Google Play is the theme editor for MIUI

With this app you can modify the themes already installed in MIUI without using another launcher.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?

Not only can you change the appearance of icons but also wallpapers and fonts.

  • First of all, it is necessary that you have downloaded the icons from the Topics app.
  • Once the theme is downloaded, open the Theme Editor for MIUI app.
  • Click on Choose a theme and select the downloaded theme.

Select option Choose a theme

  • After choosing the subject, click on the button Start to make changes to the selected theme.

Click on the button Start.

  • Then press Application icons and after Import the entire icon pack.

Click on Application icons.

[SOLVED] : How to change the icons of its applications without launcher or root?
  • Option Select icon pack select the pack you want to modify and press the option Make a donation.
  • In order for all theme icons to be overwritten by news, you need to uncheck the option Apply changes to installed apps only, in this way, the changes will be applied even to the icons of the applications not installed.
  • Press the button Return to return to the initial menu of the Theme Editor for MIUI application.
  • Then click on Next and then about to finish. The application will create a copy of the icons in the pack for the chosen theme.

Press the button Return to return to the top menu of Theme editor for MIUI. Then click on Next and then about to finish.

  • hurry Install so that the modified theme is installed on the mobile.
  • Return to the app Topics by MIUI and apply the new theme with the changed icons.

It is possible that after a while your modified theme will be uninstalled, this is because Xiaomi does not allow third party themes to be applied. In this case, you have two options: reapply the theme with the changed icons or register as a designer with your Xiaomi account, which will allow you to use third-party themes.

How to update the MIUI version on your Xiaomi and always keep it up to date

Customize your icons from a third-party launcher

Finally, you can also choose to change the icons by applying a third-party launcher, although this is not the most recommended option as these types of apps have access to all the information on your phone.

You can choose any of the launchers available for download from the Google Play Store and then from there customize the entire look of your mobile screen, applying icon packs and changing the look of the. background and fonts.

We have already shown you the options available for change the name of a folder or an icon in MIUI.

All you have to do is choose the theme you like the most and start customizing it.

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