[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one.

Join the temple of Apollo

After completing the crypt of Tartarus on the turtle-shaped island we have to head to the temple of Apollo. Cross the neighboring bridge and go west to reach the temple, keep your eyes open you may meet enemies on your way.

When you get outside the temple, a scene is played.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

Save the stranger from enemies

Upon arriving in the large courtyard in front of the temple, you will see the alien being attacked by a Gorgon and several demons. Go ahead and take them all out to trigger another cutscene.

Join the oracle

After the cutscene, we’ll be inside the Temple of Apollo, but the Oracle Gate is blocked by a red energy barrier. As such, we’ll have to unlock them by solving a brief environmental puzzle.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

Near the energy shield at the back of the room, there is a red torch. We need to activate it: Climb on the circular plate on the floor to the right of the entry point to make it appear. From this location, shoot an arrow through the flames in front of you and into the torch. This will unlock the door.

Enter the now unlocked door for a long cutscene.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

When you regain control, you will have two new objectives. One will require us to complete the Crypt of Tartarus inside the temple and the other is to collect your wings by visiting the nearby observatory.

Since it’s right next to it, let’s do the Tartar Crypt first.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

Recover the jar of Aeolus in the crypt of Tartarus

To unlock this chest, grab the large metal box to the left of the initial entry point and place it on the pressure slab at the front. This will unlock a pedestal right in front of the safe. Interact with the pedestal to deactivate the energy barrier and unlock the entrance.

Crypt of Tartare “The one-eyed giant”

Collect the Aeolus Jar

As you enter the crypt, continue forward until you reach a pair of pressure slabs – one with an anvil on it and another with a feather (the image indicates the weight needed to activate it as a that such an anvil plate requires more weight than a feather). Hit the pedestal in front of these plates to spawn three crates. Place one crate on the plate with the feather and two crates on the pressure plate with the anvil. Continue on the platforms that appear.

We will come across another pair of pressure tiles. Use the pedestal to spawn crates. Pick up and place the wooden crate on the feather platform and push the large metal crate onto the anvil platform. Activate the tile Checkpoint behind the puzzle and continue through the pillars that come out of the void.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

When you reach the next platform, two Gorgon enemies will appear. Fight the two enemies. Defeating the pair will bring up another set of platforms, allowing you to continue further. After crossing the platforms there is a tile Checkpoint and a stone ledge on the left with a grenade to heal you a bit.

When we reach the end of this walkway, there will be a pressure slab here. Activate the nearby pedestal to spawn two metal crates on nearby floating stone pillars. Stand on the pressure pad and a movable platform will activate. Step off the slab when it is halfway through the gap so that it stops. Double jump to the moving platform. From there you should be able to jump to the pillar on the left with one of the crates. Jump on the next pair of pillars to reach a treasure chest containing the New Olympian Helmet.

Come back to the moving platform and grab the crate. Place it on the platform, then return to the pressure pad. When the crate comes within range, grab it again and place it on the pressure slab to keep the moving platform active. Climb this to the next ledge above.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

When you arrive, take the second crate from the right pillar. Carry it to the end of this catwalk to find another pressure slab. Place the crate on the slab to activate another mobile platform. Again, move on to the next area.

This area has two pedestals, one with a ruin on the right and the other with a structure on the left. Activating each pedestal will cause a large stone ball to appear. We need to move each of them to a nearby plinth on the ground. We can push the ball to the right and use our armbands to grab and slide the ball through the structure.

Once both balls have reached their places, a path will appear, allowing you to jump onto the large platform with the door in the distance. Activate the lever here to open the door and trigger a scene.

Boss: Mikros l’adorable

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

As the first boss, Mikros isn’t too picky – he’ll only use a few attacks – mainly a pair of backhand kicks when you’re too close to him. His two most dangerous moves are an overhead slam using his fist and a stomp. Both of these attacks will see the body part delivering the attack glow red, and when completed each will generate a small shock wave around its point of impact. The attack itself and the next area of ​​effect can hurt you, so dodge it.

The boss will also be able to pick up the stone blocks located around the environment and throw them at you. Dodge to avoid them. We can also pick up these blocks and throw them at the boss – it will take away a good chunk of his health.

Once its health bar is depleted, the fight will end and you will recover the Lightning of Zeus before leaving the crypt.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

Obtain the Wing Fragment by solving the Observatory Constellation

After leaving the crypt of Tartarus, we will be back in the temple of Apollo. Go outside. We will now have to go to the observatory, which is located just behind the temple. When you arrive, locate the constellation puzzle. There will be three harpies waiting for you, take them out before taking a look at the constellation puzzle. We will have to finish this to continue.

The puzzle consists of a series of sockets in a grid pattern on the floor. On the wall behind this is a “constellation”, we need to find several light orbs around the area and then insert them into the sockets so that they match the pattern on the wall.

Since there is only one sphere in the grid, we will need to find more. Let’s go.

Go up the stairs behind the wall solution and pull the lever up. This will temporarily open a door to the left but create an energy barrier in front of it. Quickly climb over the wall with the energy barrier and enter the open door before it closes. Once inside, grab the sphere and place it in the socket nearby. This will open a second door. Enter the door to find another sphere . Wear this one outside and drop it by the constellation puzzle before returning to the sphere, we are stuck in the socket and do the same

Go up the stairs again behind the solution wall and this time head to the right. There is a door blocked by an energy shield here. Just in front, you will find a circular sign on the ground. Stand on it to spawn a torch above the blocked door. There’ll be two here now, both unlit. Use an Apollo arrow to fly arrows through the braziers lit here to ignite the two torches. With both lit, the barrier will descend, allowing you to grab the third sphere inside.

The last glowing orb can be found in the small building to the northeast. This building has a weak wall section that we can melee attack to take down. Inside you will find the sphere on top of a metal crate. Push it into the socket in the wall so that the sphere falls to the ground so that we can grab it.

With all the glowing spheres in our possession, insert them into the grid on the floor to match the pattern on the wall. This will spawn a small portal nearby. Interact with to recover 8x Charon Coins. A scene will play where we will receive the Piece of wing.

Find the stranger at the top of the Observatory

Now that we have the wings, we will have to climb to the top of the building next to theObservatory to meet the golden haired stranger again. When you arrive, approach his position to trigger a long cutscene to complete the quest.

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

We will also learn the identity of the stranger, unlocking an achievement / trophy to do so.

One-Eyed Giant Tartaros Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision Quest

Immortals Fenyx Rising One-Eyed Giant Tartaros Vault is one of the many chests that you must pass through in the game, and you will come across it during the Blurry Vision quest. The One-Eyed Giant Tartaros Vault revolves primarily around learning how to place blocks on floor switches and use telekinesis to solve puzzles. It takes some getting used to, and some of you might get a bit stuck. That being the case, here is our One-Eyed Giant Tartaros Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision Quest guide

One-Eyed Giant Tartaros Immortals Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision Quest

How to solve Fenyx Rising Giant Tartaros Vault in Blurry Vision quest?

To solve the One-Eye Giant Tartaros Vault in the Fenyx Rising Blurry Vision quest, approach the first button and press it. This will generate three blocks. Push one on the ground switch on the left (the feather) and two on the one on the right (the anvil). This will spawn two platforms, so use them to jump over the chasm. Press the next button and you will spawn a big block and a wooden crate. The body, being lighter, goes on the feather (on the left) and the large block on the anvil (on the right).

[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Blurred Vision” Immortals Fenyx Rising Part one

First One-Eyed Giant Tartaros Vault puzzle solution

Second Tartaros Giant One-Eyed Giant Puzzle Solution