[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android.

If you use your Android phone often, and for important calls, it is essential to know how to double call and also to put on hold.

[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android

This will allow you to better manage incoming calls, and thus answer an important call even if you are already on the line.

A consultation call will allow you to see the second person’s call while you are already on the line, and you can even go off-hook, putting the person on the first call on hold.

[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android

But how do you do it on an Android smartphone? It is very simple. You just have to check a small parameter in the settings of your calls. We show you in this article how to make an inquiry call and put your interlocutor on hold.


In order to be able to set up a consultation call on your telephone, the option must be activated. If not, when you are online and called, that person will automatically drop into your voicemail without even being notified of the call.

[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android

With this option, your telephone will ring while you are in conversation. Then, you are free to answer, and thus put your first call on hold, or send your second caller to your voicemail.

To activate this double call option on Android, here’s how:

[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android
  • Open your application phone
  • In the right corner, tap the 3 vertical points
  • You will arrive in the call settings. Press on ” More“, As in the image below
  • In your additional settings, you will be able to check the ” call waiting“. This will allow you to be notified of incoming calls when you are on a call

Here’s how to do it on smartphones with a version of Android 10. If you have an older version, here’s how.


If you ever have a slightly older phone, the procedure may be a little different. Instead, try this:

  • Still in the call app, open the settings appeal
  • Look for the tab ” more parameters »And open the
  • You will be able to find the option ” calling signal »Activate it

Once activated, you will therefore receive an incoming call alert during your first call. You will be able to reply, or put that person on answering machine.

[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android


If you have activated the consultation call, you will therefore be notified of this when you are called in communication. At this moment, just answer the second call. This will automatically put your first caller on hold while you finish your second call.

when you have finished with the second call, hang up, and automatically conversation will switch back to the first call.

Don’t tie your brain, you’ll see, it’s very instinctive and logical. Just answer the call you want to take, your phone will handle the rest.

[SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android

How to activate double call on Samsung (Android)

Generally speaking, Android phones are designed in such a way that they can only handle one and one outgoing or incoming communication. Simply put, a Smartphone user cannot have two separate communications simultaneously except in the case of calls made in conference mode: a mode which allows several people to participate in the same telephone conversation.

In other words, when a user makes or receives a phone call, he becomes unreachable for others. This situation can sometimes be embarrassing especially if the second call is of extreme importance since the user may not know that they have been called when they receive another call. To avoid these kinds of situations, all Smartphones have a feature that allows you to be notified when another call arrives when you are in full communication. This feature is called consultation call. So how do you configure this feature to receive the presence signal of another call? Here is a tutorial that shows you how to configure your phone to receive a consultation call.

Here is briefly how to activate a call on hold on a Samsung Smartphone (Android).

  • On the main screen, touch “Apps”;
  • Touch “Phone”;
  • Activate the menu in the form of three dots at the top right;
  • Touch “Settings”;
  • Touch “Calls”;
  • Then tap “Other settings”;
  • Activate “Call waiting”.
  • Activation of the double call function on Samsung

    Before we start, we need to notify you that there is no one-size-fits-all method to activate or deactivate the double call feature due to the variety of mobile devices. By this we are saying that the tuning process may vary from one smartphone device to another. For this tutorial, we are going to activate the double call function from a Samsung smartphone.

    [SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android

    To activate this feature, go to the applications level of your phone. Click on the “Phone” icon.

    Once in the ” Phone »On your smartphone where all your made, missed or received calls are located, you will find three vertical pointslocated in the upper right corner of your phone up to next to your contacts search bar.

    By pressing thethree vertical points, you are taken directly to the call settings.

    [SOLVED] : how to double call and put on hold on android

    You will now have a line of parameters. You must click on the “Calls»Then on«Other parameters“.

    In “Other parameters“, You must check the box”Call waiting“. By checking this box, you will automatically receive a signal or beep whenever there are incoming calls while you are in full communication. Thus, depending on the importance and priority of the incoming call, you can decide to answer at the same time or to call the person back later.

    Note, however, that if you choose to answer the second incoming call, the first call in progress automatically goes on hold unless you decide to interrupt communication with the latter. But if you keep the first party on hold to take the new call, as soon as you hang up the new call, you will see that the conversation automatically switches to the first call (the one put on hold to satisfy the incoming call). With the double call function, you don’t have to worry about it. Everything is done in a very instinctive and logical way. You just have to answer the call that interests you between the two and your smartphone will take care of the rest.