[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two.

Armor upgrades

As with weapons, you don’t need to upgrade each piece of armor individually. This time you have two categories which include your helmets and your main armor. Each of these two categories can be improved from the Forge of Hephaestus located in the Hall of the Gods. Upgrading increases the base defense of all helmets and armor in your collection and the only difference that sets different helmets and armor apart from each other is their perks.

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

Upgrading them will not only increase the base defense of all your pieces of armor, but also increase their perks, making them more effective in combat. You will need Blue and Purple Adamantine Crystals to upgrade your helmets and armor. You also have a third Wings option in this segment, but you can’t upgrade them in-game and can only get better ones with story progression.

This guide is a work in progress and we are adding more types of helmets and armor to this guide. In the meantime, be sure to check out the guides below:

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

This concludes our guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

Location of all armor in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Masks, wings, and armor can be found in Immortals Fenyx Rising. This Fenyx Rising Immortal Armor location guide details the location of every piece of armor we discovered during our game. They are listed area by area, so you can determine which items you want before moving on to the next step. next area, or just collect them all.

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

Clashing Rocks armor locations:

Valor of the Soldier Breastplate

You can find this piece of chest at the top of the Observatory, inside a chest. It’s part of a main story quest, so hard to miss. It is part of the soldier’s armor set.

Skin of Pride

Use the switch underwater to reveal the chest

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

Stoneglare Plate

Skin Of Hidden Pride

At the foot of this cliff is a small entrance, marked by a few golden rocks and the mast of a sunken ship. The trunk is inside.

Valley Of The Eternal Springs armor locations:

Darkglare Plate

At the foot of the cliffs here, near the water, there is a Death Gate and 2 gates on either side. Opposite, there is a torch. You have to shoot an arrow through the torch, through the grate and into the brazier on the other side. Do this for both braziers and the door will open.

Stormy Breastplate Of The Vulture

Hide Of The Hunted Deer

Forgemasters Armor

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

After freeing one of the gods, they give you the quest, Friendships Forged. Complete the quest to get this armor as a reward.

Bristled Pelt

Bristled Summer Pelt

Grove Of Kleos armor locations:

Breastplate Of The Eagle

Nocturnal Breastplate Of The Vulture

War’s Den armor locations:

Beamglare Plate

Breastplate Of The Thunderer

Armor Of The Unknown Visitor

The entrance is near the foot of the cliff. There is a puzzle here. Where I am standing, there is a lit brazier right in front of the entrance to the safe. You need to light the torches to match the pattern on the Spartan helmet. So, for example, it’s the one in front, the one on the right, and the one behind and above. All of the helmets facing right represent the braziers that need to be turned on.

The Forgelands armor locations:

Plate Of Ethereal Automation

There is a puzzle here involving lasers and switches on the ground. Look at the little lights on the corner of each switch, they show the order. So, the one that has no flame is the first, the second is the one that has only one flame, etc. The reward is this set of armor.

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

Grizzled Hide Of War

Complete Aeris’ quest line and start her side quests. He asks you to hunt and kill two Spartoi. Once you kill both of them you get the Shattered Armor. You must relight the Forge of the Gods to craft this armor.

King’s Peak armor locations:

Skin of the Revels

You can find it inside the chest. There is a wall that you need to break in a small room used for the neighboring constellation puzzle.

We will continue to update this guide as we discover more pieces of armor.

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two

Golden Isle Armor

Like helmets, armor are pieces of armor that protect Fenyx from damage taken when attacked.

Fenyx is already equipped with armor, the New Olympian Outfit, at the start of his adventure. She can find other armor by opening epic chests. The armors are all customizable in order to change their appearance.


Armor can be upgraded at the Hephaestus Forge in Hall of the Gods to increase damage blocked by armor and unlock the second property of each armor after the fourth upgrade is done. There are 5 levels of defense enhancement provided by armor, which require Blue and Purple Adamantine Shards.

[SOLVED] : How To Find The Best Immortal Armor Fenyx Rising Part two
Level Cost Basic defense
1 x 10
2 1100 blue adamant, 280 purple adamant 14
3 2300 blue adamant, 640 purple adamant 20
4 5000 blue adamant, 770 purple adamant 28
5 9600 blue adamant, 880 purple adamant 38
6 19100 blue adamant, 990 purple adamant 50

Mastery of armor

Once armor and helmets are maxed out, Fenyx can increase “Helmet and Armor Mastery” by spending more adamantine. Each mastery level increases the effects of each armor and requires 3300 Blue Adamant and 280 Purple Adamant. The maximum mastery level is level 50.

Armors available

Important :

  • The numbers and percentages vary depending on the progress in the game.
  • The armors are all randomly obtained from epic chests, either on the island or in the crypts of Tartarus, with the exception of two armors:
  • The New Olympian’s Outfit, which is Fenyx’s starting armor.
  • Brilliant Deity Armor, which is obtained by completing one of the following missions:
  • Side quest “Bust Line” (Kleos Wood). Heroic task “Golden Domination” # 10. Heroic task “To the horizon” # 10. Heroic task “Underground overhaul” # 8.

    Last name Level 1 Level 4

    Brilliant Deity Armor

    + X% to charge speed with Divine Powers. + Additional Y to the combo gauge when hit with Divine Powers.

    Armor of the Unknown Visitor

    X% health shard replenishment upon reaching a new combo level. Y% replenishment of an energy fragment upon reaching a new combo level.

    Enduring wisdom

    Headshots have an X% chance of causing lightning to up to Y enemies. Z additional enemies struck by lightning.

    Embrace of love

    X% probability of collecting an additional ingredient. + Y additional to the combo gauge when using a potion.

    Pride of the One-Eyed Giant

    + X when defending against unique enemies. + Y additional to the combo gauge for hit against unique enemies.

    Skin of festivities

    X% replenishment of an energy fragment on hit. + Y additional to combo gauge per hit with weapons when energy is full.

    Brown War Skin

    + X% energy gained per combo level. + Y additional to the combo gauge per hit.

    Spiky skin

    X% health shard replenishment on hit with completion combos. + Additional Y to the combo gauge when hit with completion combos.

    Ethereal Automaton Breastplate

    + X% in defense. Y damage to attacking enemies.

    Shadow breastplate of Tartarus

    Reduced damage taken from traps by X%. -X% to energy consumption over time in Tartar crypts.

    Petrifying gaze breastplate

    X% health shard replenishment when stunned an enemy. + Y additional to the combo gauge when stuning an enemy.

    Hunted deer coat

    + X% at arc charge speed. + Additional Y to the Combo Meter with Charged Shot.

    Troop pelage

    + X% defense when health is full. + Additional Y to the combo gauge per hit against unharmed enemies.

    Typhon’s Offspring Breastplate

    X% probability of energy gained tripled per hit. Y% probability of getting + Z additional to the combo gauge per hit.

    Eagle breastplate

    X% reconstitution of a health fragment in the event of damage. + Y additional to the combo gauge when hit with weapons when health is full.

    Soldier’s Valuable Chestpiece

    + X to energy fragments. -Y% to energy consumption over time.

    Stormy Vulture Chestpiece

    X% replenishment of an energy fragment when hit in midair. + Additional Y to the combo gauge per hit in the air.

    New Olympian outfit

    + X to health shards. + Y% to stun duration.

    Victorious outfit

    X% health shard replenishment on a killing blow. + Y additional to the combo gauge for mortal blows.


    The customizations are all obtained randomly in Epic Chests, either on the Island or in the Tartarus Crypts, with the exception of Supreme Armor which is obtained by collecting fragments and carrying out particular missions (see corresponding section).

    Armor of Aphrodite

    Armor of Aphrodite

    Embrace of love

    The cirri of Aphrodite’s armor surround the wearer to protect him from enemies of any size.

    Spring embrace

    Beauty blooms in you with the promise of spring when you wear this armor.

    Autumnal embrace

    The invigorating, crystalline autumn breeze envelops you in this living armor.

    Vanity embrace

    Armor doesn’t just have to be effective, beauty matters too. This will protect you in style, in any season.

    Armor of Artemis

    Armor of Artemis

    Hunted deer coat

    In this armor, run like the deer pulling the chariot of Artemis. The great huntress loves speed.

    Shark skin hunted

    What seems safe from the shore can change dramatically underwater.

    Scales of hunted snake

    Even Artemis struggles to catch the snakes. Fortunately, you are just as difficult to grip with this breastplate.

    Plumage of hunted dove

    Like a golden arrow, doves glisten in the sun. Is this a good omen?