[SOLVED] : How to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram?

At the right time, Telegram makes it easy to import WhatsApp chat history on Android and iOS.

Also for group chats, the Instagram messaging application announces the possibility of importing the chat history from the KakaoTalk, Line and especially WhatsApp applications which is the most famous and popular in our regions.

Telegram thus offers compatibility with the export functionality of WhatsApp discussions, and emphasizes that the import of messages will be done with the current day, even if they will include the original timestamp. They will be visible to all members of a discussion.

The procedure is done by discussion. On Android, you have to open the WhatsApp chat, go to the export, then select Telegram in the share menu. On iOS, it’s through contact or group information in WhatsApp. Videos and documents can be integrated.

Telegram’s announcement comes against a backdrop of mistrust of WhatsApp, which has tangled up in its communication and ended up postponing the update of its terms of service. Telegram or Signal have surfed on this controversy.

According to Telegram, more than 100 million new users joined this messaging during the month of January. So you might as well do what is necessary to facilitate the arrival of WhatsApp defectors and make them stay.

The two most popular messengers of the moment welcome new features. Telegram offers to import WhatsApp conversations, while Signal is enriched with several functions.

Signal and Telegram have taken advantage of criticism of WhatsApp to take the lead in downloads on mobile portals. The Facebook application has been at the heart of a controversy for a few days and the two couriers have had to manage a massive influx of new users for a few weeks. To better accommodate and facilitate the transition of the disappointed with WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram have decided to acquire new features.

[SOLVED] : How to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram?

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The Telegram app now allows you to import your chats from other apps, including WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk. The Durov brothers’ messaging system specifies that it works for individual conversations as well as for groups, including videos and documents. The tool works on iOS or Android and allows Telegram to address one of the remaining fears of users wanting to keep their chats.

How to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram?

To move a chat from WhatsApp to iOS, just open the Contact Info or Group Info page then select Export Chat and choose Telegram from the share menu. The application specifies that the iOS version of WhatsApp also allows you to export your discussions directly from the conversation list. Just swipe a discussion to the left, then choose ‘…’ and Export discussion.

On Android, just open a WhatsApp chat and choose the three dots at the top right, then More and Export chat. Select Telegram from the share menu to start the import. Before getting started, it should be remembered that conversations are not end-to-end encrypted by default on Telegram, unlike its rival WhatsApp. The Telegram app is the big winner in Facebook’s messaging woes with over 100 million new ones in use as of January 2021.

Wallpapers, stickers… Signal adapts to its new users

Telegram is not the only one to offer new features. Praised by Edouard Snowden, Elon Musk and recommended by the European Commission, Signal wants to be more user-friendly. The latest version of the app for iOS (5.3.1) and Android (5.3.7) brings new functions such as personalized wallpapers in chats. Signal also collects the animated stickers, with an official first pack called “Day to Day”, by Miguel Ángel Camprubí, as well as an About section. This allows you to add a status to your profile to inform your contacts.

[SOLVED] : How to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram?

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The messaging application, oriented towards privacy and security, had mentioned in early January the arrival of new options. While they do not revolutionize the use of the application, these new features improve the experience and allow Signal to catch up with its r **** d on other messaging applications. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has added biometric authentication to its web and desktop versions.

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram?

How to import your WhatsApp messages to Telegram? It is more than obvious that if you decide to access Telegram from WhatsApp, all the information you have in the messaging app, you won’t want to lose it. Well, there is a way to forward all conversations from one app to another, which we are going to tell you about now.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or iOS smartphone, the only thing you need to be clear about is that WhatsApp needs to be updated to the latest version possible, to make sure this feature is already implemented. Once you have the latest from said app, we can send our chats to Telegram, either because we want to permanently delete WhatsApp or because we are interested in having the same chats in both apps.

What advantages does Telegram offer us over WhatsApp?

Telegram has some advantages that Mark Zuckerberg’s app does not yet have and which has made many users prefer this Russian-born app.

[SOLVED] : How to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram?

Support for various devices

Although WhatsApp is only compatible with mobile phone, although later you can use its client for Windows, in Telegram it can work on several smartphones or tablets and work with it without any problems.

In addition, while WhatsApp needs the mobile to be connected to be able to work on its desktop version of Windows, the equivalent version of the other application can work even if the terminal is turned off.

Conversation copies

The copies of the conversations we have in Telegram do not depend on any external service as if it happens with WhatsApp and Google Drive. For example, for Huawei users who cannot have Google services, backup copies will be in the internal files of the device itself, because Drive is not operational. Users who switch from iOS to Android also have a problem, because being different systems, transferring chats is complicated, although it can be done.

This does not happen in the Russian messaging app, because all conversations, photos and videos are saved in its own cloud and as soon as you change your phone, everything associated with that number is retrieved.

Hide phone number

Another of Telegram’s powers that is very interesting is that we can hide our phone number from other people. Even if we want someone to locate us in this messaging app, we can give them our alias, without having to know the number that our SIM gives us. From the privacy settings, we can turn off the option to allow others to see our number.


While WhatsApp gives you access to dark mode and nothing else, Telegram has a large number of themes to be able to change all the colors of the user interface. Furthermore, we can configure the theme as we want by changing the colors, the background and even some elements of the conversations themselves.

Benefits of WhatsApp over Telegram

WhatsApp has some advantages over Telegram which are much deeper than the other way around. This is why the domain of WhatsApp is overwhelming.

number of users

The big advantage of WhatsApp over Telegram is the number of users who use this app around the world. While WhatsApp is absolutely standardized and it is difficult to find someone who does not install it on mobile phones, the Russian application does not reach these levels because removing all that cake from the Facebook application is little less than a “titanic” task.

Video calls

Both apps have video calls, but while WhatsApp has been around since 2015, Telegram has taken a lot less time and it shows. The quality that WhatsApp has achieved in the service is not yet present in the Russian messaging app.

Additionally, the great success of the Facebook app has been to overthrow those who, until they incorporated video calling, were the big domineers like Skype, for example.

WhatsApp chats on Telegram

Some of the perks we counted above may be the ones that made us choose Telegram. Well if we want WhatsApp chats to have access to this other messaging app just follow these steps:

  • We open WhatsApp and let’s talk that we want to export.
  • Now we click on the three points top right.
  • Once done, we search Plus and click on it.
  • We select Export the conversation .
  • On the next screen that appears below, we select Telegram .
  • Now we will automatically access Telegram and we have to choose the contact to which we want to add the conversations. They will appear that day, but we can see when they were actually written.

Now all the messages will be imported and in the WhatsApp conversation we just selected a sign will appear with the number of messages that have been sent to Telegram, so that the other person will know that these conversations have been transferred .

Transfer WhatsApp contacts to Telegram

You don’t have to worry about this because you will have the same contacts in one app and another because when you install them they are allowed to enter your contacts and import them into the application. The only thing that can happen is that a certain person does not have Telegram installed on their mobile and that is why it does not come out.

Transfer Stickers from WhatsApp to Telegram

In recent times, stickers have become an important part of each of these two applications. Telegram has theirs, but if you’ve created a sticker library on your WhatsApp and want to keep them, you won’t lose them:

  • We have to go in the file explorer that we have on our smartphone.
  • When we’re inside we have to go to the folder WhatsApp . Enter in, then in Media .
  • Then we enter the whatsapp stickers .
  • Now, we open Telegram , we create a conversation with ourselves.
  • Ensuite, we copy and paste all items in the WhatsApp folder so that they are saved.

In this simple way, we don’t lose the stickers that we had in WhatsApp and we can use them with the ones that already exist in Telegram.

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