[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Like any good game inspired by self-respecting RPGs, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord also offers a system of “levels” and skills that will have to be increased in order to be able to go the distance with the other lords who roam the lands of this new opus.

In total, these are 6 attributes and 18 skills that will have to be increased in order to obtain the perfect character and be able to unlock all the special bonuses linked to each of these skills. In short, there are a lot of levels to climb to progress and a little help to accelerate this increase will not be too much.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The rise in levels

For an RPG, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a bit original. Indeed, your character does not really gain experience strictly speaking to level up. No, the level progress gauge, which is at the top of your character sheet, increases with skill points.

Therefore, the experience you get in combat, and the skill levels you increase through your adventures determine your avatar’s leveling up. Suddenly, no need to concentrate and pull your hair with the experience acquired, rather promote your skills and optimize your character as you wish.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Attributes, skills, etc.

When creating your character, the game asks you to describe your character’s past. This background, once decided, allows you to allocate a certain number of attribute and focus points to your character.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Each attribute contains three skills, all of which can be increased. With the focus points, you can add multipliers to your progress and thus increase the mastery of these different skills more quickly. Therefore, if you prioritize correctly, you can very quickly get a very strong character in the desired areas or a very well balanced character.

However, the progress of your character in different skills will crash after a while. To be able to continue to increase these and thus unlock new bonuses, you will have to invest attribute and focus points in the different categories to push back the point limit.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Thing to know: your character progresses by a point of focus at each level while it is necessary to take three of them to obtain an attribute point. Well, in the end, the general level of your character is still a bit important!

How to farm skills

Since skills allow your character to level up and thus obtain more focus points and attributes, it is important to know the right tricks to achieve them as quickly as possible and thus push your progression limits. Here are some little tips to maximize it all.

One hand, two hands, etc.

When you siege a city or a castle, build a ram. After destroying the tower, enemies tend to stay in a square formation right outside the gate. The troops on the sides have the annoying tendency not to attack, so this is free experience obtained relatively quickly and without too much risk. Be careful, this could end up being patched and not working in the future.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Bow and crossbow

Same idea as for the skills above. The enemy will not budge from their square formation and you can then shoot them at your leisure. You can also go through the walls to gain height and promote your chances of “headshot”. The further away you are, the more experience you will gain. Likewise, a headshot increases your experience gain.

Open bar feast coming soon. And to push the vice to its paroxysm, do not hesitate to make your men climb the walls and, once the walls have been emptied, to send them back in order to please you alone on the brainless who camped in front of the door, fear in the belly.


When you are under siege, throw rocks down the walls. It still does some damage dealt and offers a pretty good amount of experience.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Horse riding

During an offensive siege, order your troops to withdraw, or to wait far enough from enemy arrows without attacking, and turn in circles with your horse.


Refer to our forge guide for this part (currently in writing)


Give yourself the role of scout within your camp. Thus, discovering caches of bandits will earn you experience in this area.


You automatically gain experience by winning a battle where your army is outnumbered. When you are a commander, giving orders to your troops also gives you some experience.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Launch raids on enemy villages or sell your prisoners.


If you are the lord of a kingdom, try to increase your influence to the maximum. Then, strengthen your allied clans thanks to it and you will increase in charm rather quickly. Releasing captured enemy commanders also increases this skill. The same is true if you manage to bribe an enemy officer into joining your kingdom. This way of doing things can, however, prove to be extremely costly in money and items depending on your target.

Finally, you can join an army and talk to your commander every day. Give him gifts and your skill will gradually increase. And, by the way, the items don’t need to be very expensive to work!

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Increases quite naturally as you fight and improve your character.


Go to town and buy products to resell elsewhere at a profit. For example, buy salt on the coast and sell it in the middle of the land. Or buy furs and skins in the north for resale in central cities. The same goes for wood, which sells very well in the south while it costs almost nothing in the forest areas.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money and increase this skill. And, eventually, you will end up knowing everything by heart. On the other hand, as the war is often raging, do not expect to buy your grain at a good price throughout the game. The price of the latter can quickly skyrocket. So prefer to keep it for your troops in order to avoid famine or ruin by buying it 25 coins / unit when it can easily be found at 8 coins / unit in regions that have been in peace for a long time.


Very fast progression skill. If you own fiefdoms or are king, this skill will increase at breakneck speed. Just build lots of buildings in your cities and castles and the level of this skill will soar.

Note that injecting money to boost building construction also grants you bonus experience in this skill. And given the profusion of money after a few hours of play, do not hesitate.


The idea for increasing medicine is quite simple. First of all, put yourself as the clan surgeon. Then, place your higher-level troops in garrison in a secure area and then go recruit the blues. Finally, attack the villains who are rotting your land by simulating combat.

The blues will often end up injured without dying (at least against looters). From then on, you can have fun healing them to increase your skill. Quite simple and inexpensive, this method will even allow you to have a few more trained units in a few minutes of play.


Siege enemy cities and hold the siege in place as long as possible. Build siege engines during the siege duration and watch your skill gradually increase. Be careful, this is a risky practice since an opposing army could come as a reinforcement. Therefore, favor a nation in agony to make your job easier.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to gain experience and use your talent points well

In Mount & Blade 2: Bannelord your campaign will be long, very long. And you are going to make things with it! Unfortunately not everything will be accessible to you from the start, because you will have to specialize. However, the software uses a rather particular evolution system that we will explain to you in this guide.

How to spend your talent points well?

To spend your points well, it is important to keep in mind two things: we rehearse it, but avoid dispersing yourself at the start of the game and concentrate on your main axes. Then, know that the higher you are, the more talent points will be needed to move to the next level. Logically, the longer you wait to start a new branch, the more difficult it will be for you to climb it quickly. To compensate for this, you can save your attribute and talent points, to spend them once you are sure you want to invest in one of the sections. If we take the images below as an example, building engineering when our hero has only two intelligence points as an attribute is less relevant than investing two points in two-handed weapons, the bonus of learning is less than 1.50x. If our character wants to invest in engineering, we will first have to spend a few attribute points to boost learning.

How to develop your talents?

Below you will find all the talents available as well as how to assemble them.

[SOLVED] : How to level up your skills and levels Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • One handed : Fight with a one-handed weapon (short sword, one-handed ax). Please note that the throwing javelin and spears are not counted as one-handed weapons.
  • Two Handed : Fight with two-handed weapons (two-handed ax, two-handed sword). Be careful, the spears are not counted.
  • Polearm (Hast Weapon) : Fight with pole weapons (Lance, pike, scyth). You can use it with one or two hands.
  • Bow : Shoot and tap with the bow.
  • Crossbow : Shoot and hit with the crossbow.
  • Throwing : Use throwing weapons (javelin, throwing ax).
  • Riding : On the campaign map, go at full speed using horses, during combat fight on the back of a horse.
  • Athletics : Run on the campaign map, fight on foot during battles.
  • Smithing (Blacksmith) : Forge weapons, refine minerals, and melt your old weapons.
  • Scouting : Find and follow the tracks and encampments of bandits, traverse difficult terrain (snow, mountain, forest etc…) on the campaign map.
  • Tactics : Give orders during battles, win difficult battles (or you lose out), escape by sacrificing troops if necessary.
  • Roguery (Deceit) : Attack caravans, recruit and lead bandits, infiltrate enemy cities, give bribes, escape (once captured or in prison).
  • Charm : Build up your relationship with the common people, socialize with nobles, do business (for example, offer a peace against a sum etc.).
  • Leadership (Command) : Maintain high morale for your troops, gather armies.
  • Trade : Ride trailers, buy and sell profitably (the higher the profit, the more experience gained follows.)
  • Steward : Assume the role of Quartermaster and maintain high morale by varying meals. Ensure the prosperity of your villages / towns / castles by giving yourself the role of Governor. Stay on your land.
  • Medicine : Help wounded soldiers by treating them in towns.
  • Engineering : Build and use siege engines. During the siege phases (in defense or attack) destroy the enemy siege engines.