[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?.

Are you fed up with the theme you downloaded and would like to reset the basic theme inside your Xiaomi Mi 10. You would like to find the basic icons, the original font but also the default colors. It’s very easy to choose a theme and therefore revert to the default theme on an android device. All this also makes it possible to reactivate the basic visual of the home screen. First of all, we will teach you how to reset the theme to the default on Xiaomi Mi 10, going either through the home screen or through the settings. In a second step, we will explain to you how to choose a theme to change the look of your Xiaomi Mi 10. Finally

How to return to the default theme on Xiaomi Mi 10?

Indeed, it happens to be quite convenient to choose a theme on a mobile Android . You want to remove the new theme and then go back to the basic one. This will also allow you to reset basic icons , the basic font, the color of the texts,… The default theme is the theme proposed by the manufacturer of your Xiaomi Mi 10. It includes a design of the home screen, a particular font and then certain types of colors particular in order to particular messages.

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?

Reset the theme to default from the home page

In practice, it is very easy to set the default theme on a Xiaomi Mi 10. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Make a long press on a place without applications on the reception
  • Secondly, click on themes, sometimes you will find an icon directly inside your Themes home page
  • Decide my theme , my stuff , my theme or Me : you will be presented with the themes available inside your Xiaomi Mi 10
  • click on default theme and install
  • Here you have restored the basic theme inside your Android mobile

Return the basic theme to Xiaomi Mi 10 by the configurations

If you do not manage to customize the Themes icon on your home page but also during the long press, it is possible to use the settings of your Xiaomi Mi 10. After that the procedure to follow is very easy.

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?
  • Click on themes
  • Secondly, click on Me, My theme, My stuff
  • Then choose the default theme and place

How to change the default theme on Xiaomi Mi 10?

We have devoted a whole article to changing the theme on an Android phone. It all depends on whether you only want to change the color of your messages on your Xiaomi Mi 10 or entirely change the appearance of your icons, the font and then the look of your home screen.

To be able to change the theme of your Xiaomi Mi 10, it is recommended to read our article on how to change the theme on a Xiaomi Mi 10? It is possible to search for certain types of paid or free themes for your Android mobile, either by going directly through the theme library offered by your Xiaomi Mi 10 but also on the google playstore

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?

Customize the default theme to dark theme?

If you want to change the default theme to dark theme on Xiaomi Mi 10, you will have to go to the choices and then click on Theme. If your Android mobile provides high contrast themes, it will be offered to you. Usually the term will be high contrast theme or High Contrast Theme .


You love to personalize your phone and choose new themes, but on this occasion, you have chosen a theme that does not suit you, and you would like go back. Or you have simply made a false manipulation, without really knowing how, and you have changed the main theme.

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?

Whatever the reason, you would like reset your smartphone’s default theme, which in the end was not that bad.

Here is a quick guide to explain how to go back to the previous theme, on your android phone.

Maybe it’s the “launcher”, the default app launcher that you wish to deliver. This one has its own theme, and therefore depending on which one is chosen, the theme will be different.

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?


As explained above, if you have changed your phone’s launcher, therefore the theme is changed. To go back to the default launcher, do like this:

  • Go to the settings from your phone
  • Type ” applications ” in the search bar
  • Open the tab ” applications to use by default
  • Click on the first choice, ” app on home screen
  • From there, make sure the selected launcher is the default for your phone

In our case, the Huawei launcher is selected, so it is the default launcher. This will allow find your default theme

Here is the little manipulation for change your app launcher and so change the default theme. if however, it was already this launcher of chosen, then you may only have changed the theme of your phone.

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?

So let’s see how to return to the default theme by going to the wallpaper settings of your Android smartphone.


The procedure is very simple for reinstall the original theme on your phone. Do like this:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • In the search bar, type ” screen
  • Open the tab ” home screen and wallpaper
  • Select the page ” themes
  • Then, among the different choices offered at the bottom, click on ” me

This corresponds to default themes offered by your phone So choose the one that was initially installed, or innovate with new colors!

As you can see, it is very easy to go back to an old theme.

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?

IF you want to go back to an old theme, but still customize it a bit, so that it changes you, here’s how. You will see, the result is interesting!


This feature will allow you to choose different color codes, specific wallpaper, font, etc. yet another way to personalize your phone according to your tastes.

To do this, follow this little manipulation:

[SOLVED] : How to reset the Xiaomi Mi 10 theme to default?
  • In the menu ” home screen and wallpaper«, And more precisely the tab« me” , click on personalize
  • You will arrive on the second photo presented below, allowing you to customize your theme