[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you need to know Part two

11. Create or join a group on Telegram

A group allows multiple users to join and participate in the same conversation on Telegram. Each person can send messages, pictures or files.

Create a group on Telegram

To create a new group, tap the icon at the top right of your screen and tap New group. Select the contact (s) you want to invite to this discussion group. Then, give this group a name.

A group on Telegram is:

  • up to 200,000 members,
  • a permanent history,
  • public links,
  • administrators with different rights.

To set up your group, tap the T-icon at the top right of your screen, then tap Edit. In particular, you can manage the group’s permissions (sending media, polls, pin messages, etc.) and add or modify its administrators.

Create or join a group located nearby on Telegram

By activating the People Nearby feature, you can get the list of groups located around you. For each group, the name, the distance from your location and the number of people who have joined it, are indicated.

12. Create or join a channel (or a channel) on Telegram

Channels, also known as Telegram channels, are communication tools for media, businesses and governments. They work like a mailing list.

Create a channel on Telegram

In the Exchanges tab, tap on the icon at the top right of your screen, then on New channel. Confirm by pressing the blue button: create a channel. Telegram will then ask you to fill in the name of the new channel and add a photo. You can also enter a description, but this is optional. On the next screen, choose whether you want your channel to be a public or private channel:

  • Canal public : you can choose the name of the URL of your channel, respecting the t.me/ format,
  • Private channel: a link is automatically created, tap on it to copy it to share it with your friends.

Last step in creating your channel on Telegram: select from your list of contacts on the app the people you want to invite to join this channel.

Join the Telegram Tips channel

When you join Telegram, a conversation is created with the messaging service, which sends you its latest news. Among these messages, Telegram may also send you communications from the Telegram Tips channel to help you further optimize your messaging usage. Press the View Channel button at the bottom of this type of message to access the channel.

Join another channel

If you no longer have this message or if you wish to join another channel, that of a news media for example, enter its name in the search bar located above your conversations. If you type Le Monde, these are the results you get:

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you need to know Part two

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The plus: by joining one of these channels, you can access all the messages as well as the history of the channel, which is not the case if you subscribe to the World channel on WhatsApp for example.

13. Edit or delete a message sent in a conversation

Twitter users dreamed about it, Telegram did it! While the messaging app is not a social network in the proper sense, it allows its users to freely edit the messages they send. You will see “modified” under the message to which you have made a correction. To modify a message, all you have to do is long press and select Modify.

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you need to know Part two

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You can also delete a message, reply directly to it, copy it, forward it or delete it. Note that these features – with the exception of message deletion – are not available in secret exchanges on Telegram.

14. Edit and customize the images sent in a conversation

Like on other social platforms, Telegram allows you to edit or customize the images you send to your contacts. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Access a chat,
  • Tap the paperclip icon to the left of the input field to select your file,
  • Confirm access to your image gallery or take a photo,
  • Select the image to personalize,
  • Make the modifications of your choice: change the inclination, the format, add text using a colored pen, use the eraser to erase it, add stickers or masks, add a highlighted message, adjustments to image parameters (brightness, contrast, warmth, fade, light tones, shadows, sharpness, etc.).
  • Once your images are ready, all you have to do is send it to your contact by tapping on the up arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

    15. Pin a message to the top of a conversation

    Among the other options associated with the long press, it is also possible to pin a message at the top of a conversation. Telegram offers you to activate this option for you only, or for you and your contact. Press the cross next to the message to unpin it.

    16. Find a message in your conversation history

    If you need to find a message you sent to one of your contacts, you have two options:

    • either you type the keyword in the search bar located above your conversation list,
    • either go to the profile of the contact to whom you sent this message (if you remember it), tap on their profile picture, then on the three dots and select Search: you then access the search bar dedicated to this conversation. All you have to do is write the word or expression you are looking for, Telegram will highlight it in the chat.

    17. Use hashtags to organize your discussions on Telegram

    This feature, also inspired by Twitter, consists of using hashtags in your exchanges with your contacts on the Telegram application. So, by tapping on a keyword containing a hashtag, you can access all the posts where you have used it. Two tabs are available: the conversation from which you selected the hashtag in question as well as all of your discussions on Telegram where you also used it.

    18. Using a sticker in a conversation, group or channel on Telegram

    One of the great things about the Telegram app is that it is full of fun and themed stickers. More than 20,000 stickers are in fact at your disposal to bring a more fun touch to your cats, whether they are secret or not. To use them, tap on the stickers icon to the left of the microphone.

    The stickers will appear below the message entry field. Scroll to find them. Click the Add button for faster access to your favorite stickers. Note that the “+” icon gives access to all the stickers offered by Telegram.

    19. Use a GIF in your messages

    As with stickers, tap the sticker icon in the message entry field. Above the sticker list, tap the GIF icon on the left. Telegram is associated with Tenor for the use of this type of media. A search bar allows you to find the GIF of your choice or you can also browse trending GIFs, which appear under the last ones you used in your conversations.

    20. Trade with a bot on Telegram

    Several bots are available on the messaging app. It is a conversational agent that automatically replies to your messages. To chat with a bot on Telegram, you must type the @ sign followed by the agent’s name, then a space and end with your question or the subject of your request. Here are some examples of bots you can find on Telegram:

    • @gif : for GIF search (via Tenor),
    • @vid: for video search (via YouTube),
    • @imdb : to find information on films,
    • @bing : for image search,
    • @stickers : to know how to create your own stickers,
    • @wiki : for information research (via Wikipedia),
    • @bold or @italic: for text formatting.

    Good to know: Telegram allows you to create your own bots. To do this, start a conversation with @botfather.

    [SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you need to know Part two

    © Capture BDM

    You will receive a series of instructions to show you, step by step, how to create your own robot on the app.

    [SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you need to know Part two

    © Capture BDM

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