[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you should know Part three

21. Make a voice or video call on Telegram

A feature commonly used by Telegram users, calls can be made by voice or video (since summer 2020). To do this, tap on your contact’s profile picture in a conversation. Next to its name, 2 icons are available, depending on the type of call you want to make.

Telegram Now Offers Secure Video Calls

22. Send a voice or video message to Telegram

Like calls, you can also send voice messages or videos in your chats on Telegram. To record a voice message, long press on the microphone icon located to the right of the entry field. To record a video message, first briefly press this icon, it will turn into the shape of a camera. Then, make a long press on the camera icon thus displayed. No test or draft, messages, both voice and video, recorded from a chat on Telegram are sent directly to your recipient.

23. Block voice calls from strangers on Telegram

If you don’t want to receive calls from people you don’t know, you can configure this feature in: Settings> Privacy and security> Calls. In this section, you have the possibility to define who can call you: everyone, my contacts or no one. If you have identified a contact whose calls you want to block, you can add an exception. To do this, select Never authorize then check the contact (s) from the list that appears.

24. Manage notifications on Telegram

If you are using Telegram as your primary messaging app, you might get a number of notifications. To restrict these nuisances for a particular contact, go to their profile, then tap Notifications. You can choose to turn them off completely, turn them off for one hour, two days, or customize this time frame. Note that the management of your notifications for general Telegram use can be found in the application settings: Settings> Notifications and sounds.

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you should know Part three

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25. Manage the storage of media uploaded to Telegram

On the Telegram messaging application, all types of media can be sent to your contacts: photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc.), the maximum weight of which must not exceed 2 GB. To avoid to saturate your smartphone, it is recommended that you manage the storage of the application, which you can find in: Settings> Data and storage> Storage use. In this section, you have the possibility to configure several elements:

  • the duration of the media storage (default: forever),
  • the maximum cache size (default: unlimited),
  • the storage of your device,
  • the ability to clear Telegram cache.

You can also choose the way in which the media are automatically downloaded to the application, when you use your device on a cellular network or on Wi-Fi. You also have the possibility to configure whether or not GiFs and videos are automatically played. receive, or even save or not the photos received: those of your contacts, via secret exchanges, groups and channels.

26. Customize your wallpaper and activate dark mode

There are many options available to change the appearance of your conversations on Telegram. Go to the application settings, in the Appearance section. You will be able :

  • change the theme color,
  • change the background: choose a solid color, one of the predefined images or by uploading a photo from the gallery of your device,
  • program night mode (according to the time of local sunrise and sunset) or by making it automatic,
  • define the text size and the corner of the messages,
  • choose the style of the Telegram icon,
  • activate enlarged emojis,
  • deactivate the animations in the message bubbles and in the message list.

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you should know Part three

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27. Delete your Telegram account or schedule its automatic deletion

Telegram offers you the possibility to delete your account automatically if you do not interact with the application for a given period: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

If you don’t want to wait to deactivate your Telegram account, go to this page and fill in your phone number. A code will be sent to you to confirm that you are the owner of the account to be deleted.

28. Using Telegram on desktop

Among the characteristics of Telegram, we can note the availability of the messaging application on all types of devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, via the web browser, a desktop application on PC, Mac, Linux or even via macOS.

Use Telegram from a web browser

To use Telegram on a desktop, from a web browser, go to the following page: https://web.telegram.org/#/login. Enter your phone number, then the confirmation code sent to you on your smartphone, via the mobile application. An existing account is indeed required to use Telegram.

Use Telegram from a desktop app

Go to this page to download the Telegram desktop app for desktop. Enter your phone number and the confirmation code sent to you on the mobile app.

Good to know: the desktop application offers more features than the web version of Telegram, such as the use and display in conversations of stickers and GIFs. You also have the option to enable or disable notifications on your desktop.

By clicking on the icon in the form of three horizontal bars, located at the top left of the desktop application, you can:

  • create a new group,
  • create a new chain,
  • access your list of contacts and add new contacts,
  • configure your settings (light version of the section available on the mobile app),
  • activate dark mode.

Among the many features available on the Telegram application on the desktop, also note that you can make voice calls, which is currently not possible on Telegram’s flagship competitor, namely WhatsApp on the web.

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you should know Part three

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29. Disconnect from your Telegram account remotely

If you use Telegram on multiple devices, on mobile and desktop for example, you might need to log out of your account remotely, especially for sessions that you haven’t used for a long time. On the messaging mobile app, go to Settings> Devices. The list of the different devices (mobile and desktop) to which your account is connected appears in this section. Press the button in red Close all other sessions to disconnect the active account (s) on all other devices (with the exception of the mobile app). You will need to re-enter your phone number and enter the confirmation code in order to access these accounts again on desktop.

30. Enable or disable two-factor authentication on Telegram

If you are using your Telegram account on multiple devices, it is advisable to enable two-factor authentication. It allows you to provide a higher level of security and confidentiality. In addition to the confirmation code to enter, access to your account will be authorized if you enter an additional password.

Enable two-factor authentication on Telegram

Follow the following path: Settings> Privacy and security> Two-factor authentication. Press the blue Set Additional Password button, then enter it on the next screen. You are strongly advised to choose a password level here that is high enough to strengthen the protection of your Telegram account on your various devices.

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you should know Part three

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The messaging then offers you to create an optional hint to help you remember this password, but you can choose to skip this step. Finally, enter a recovery email address to be able to restore access to your Telegram account. This step, which is also strongly recommended, is not mandatory.

[SOLVED] : How to use Telegram: 30 tips you should know Part three

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Disable two-factor authentication on Telegram

To cancel this operation, go back to the two-factor authentication settings. Enter the password configured previously. 3 choices are then offered to you:

  • Change your password,
  • Disable the password,
  • Modify the e-mail address, if it has been configured, or define this recovery address here.

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