[SOLVED] : Telegram: how to import your WhatsApp messages

You can now import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

[SOLVED] : Telegram: how to import your WhatsApp messagesMove your WhatsApp conversations to Telegram in seconds. © Capture BDM

Telegram now allows you to import your WhatsApp history on iOS devices but also Android, with the choice of importing the text with or without the associated media. This operation is only possible if the 2 users of the WhatsApp chat have a Telegram account.

Following the controversies over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, many users wanted to migrate to other, more secure applications. Telegram is one of them, and that’s why it’s adding this new option to help WhatsApp users who haven’t yet taken the plunge.

How to import your WhatsApp messages to Telegram on iOS

For iPhone users, here is the way to go:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat you want to import,
  • Press the contact’s name, at the top, to access their information,
  • Tap Export chat, at the bottom,
  • Select the Telegram application, and choose the desired contact,
  • Confirm that you want to import the conversation,
  • The import is done in a few seconds (messages + media).
  • How to import your WhatsApp messages to Telegram on Android

    For Android device users, here is the way to go:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat you want to import,
  • Press the 3 small dots at the top right,
  • Tap More, and Export chat,
  • Select the Telegram application, and choose the desired contact,
  • The import is done in a few seconds (messages + media).
  • What you need to know after your messages are imported

    • all imported messages are marked “Imported” to indicate that they have been transferred,
    • all imported messages are visible to other participants in the discussion,
    • imported messages are displayed in the order in which they were imported, not in the order in which they were originally sent.

    How to import your WhatsApp conversation history to Telegram

    The Telegram app has just been updated on iOS and now allows users to import their chat history directly from WhatsApp. Here’s how to do it.

    Since WhatsApp decided to impose new conditions of use for its application, users of instant messaging, owned by Facebook, have migrated massively to alternative solutions such as Olvid, Signal, or Telegram.

    And, as all of them update and introduce new features to try to win over new users, Telegram’s latest update on iOS should be enough to convince the last few users still hesitant to switch.

    Telegram is indeed launching a new feature that simply allows you to import your WhatsApp conversation history. All of the chats (and their content) that you may have had on WhatsApp can now be transferred to Telegram in just a few moments. Find out how to do it.

    1. Export your conversations to WhatsApp

    Start by opening WhatsApp on your iPhone then, in the Discussions tab, select a conversation and slide your finger on it to the left.

    Then press Options, then in the menu that appears, choose toExport the discussion then indicate if you want or not, Contact the media or on you want to export it Without media.

    2. Import the conversation into Telegram

    Depending on the size of the conversation and the number of media files it contains, the export time may take more or less time. Once the export is ready, the iOS Share Sheet should appear.

    Then press Telegram in the list of proposed applications (if Telegram does not appear, go to the end of the line, and press Plus to change which Apps to display in the iOS Share Sheet).
    In the window that appears, select the Telegram conversation in which you want to import the messages and validate by pressing Import to start importing the WhatsApp chat into Telegram.

    Once the import is complete, open the corresponding Telegram conversation. You should find all the imported WhatsApp messages there. These are identifiable by the mention ” Imported »Displayed under each message.

    3. Repeat the operation

    You will not be able to import all the conversations you have into WhatsApp at once. To find all your WhatsApp chats in Telegram, you will need to restart the import process for each of them.

    Some conversations, especially group conversations, are particularly large, especially if you decide to include media files, the export time from WhatsApp may take several minutes.

    Telegram will soon be able to import all your conversations from WhatsApp

    Following the new controversial conditions of WhatsApp, Telegram seems to want to encourage the most disappointed to join it. The app uploaded a new iOS version with a built-in message migration tool, before releasing a new version without it almost immediately.

    [SOLVED] : Telegram: how to import your WhatsApp messages

    The novelty would have gone unnoticed if some of our colleagues, like 9to5Mac, had not succeeded in get your hands on it just in time. The Telegram 7.4 update was indeed published on the iPhone App Store before being almost immediately withdrawn and replaced with another update. The initial update included a very practical tool to help those who come from WhatsApp to import their conversations. The tool in question allows you to import all your messages from other messaging services.

    According to 9to5Mac, Telegram’s integrated tool thus makes it possible to import WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk conversations and other alternative messaging applications – the list of which is not specified. Its operation is very simple. To import your WhatsApp conversations for example, you have to go to the application with the green logo, then go to the More tab… at the bottom right. You must then go to Export to export your conversations. During the import, Telegram will ask you which contact or group you want to associate the messages with.

    These are then copied to Telegram and are visible to all members of the conversation., without them having to do anything. To avoid confusion and abuse, Telegram puts a warning under the message bubbles that have been imported. For now, Telegram refuses to confirm the arrival of this feature. It is not known why the publisher chose to deploy it before immediately backing down. It is possible that everything is not yet ready to give the system the necessary guarantees.

    However, integrating a tool to facilitate the complete migration of an app to Telegram seems rather clever. Telegram could thus be, along with Signal, one of the applications that benefits the most from the haemorrhaging of users who quit WhatsApp following the implementation of new controversial terms of use.